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  1. King989

    Answered Steel,Ghost Training

    Please Someone Tell Me About, Ghost Type Training Account With 4x Damage with ghost or dark attacks. Steel Type Training Account With 4x Damage with steel attacks.
  2. King989

    Legendaries Vitol Legendaries for Exp or Fossils

    Is Any Pokemon With High Exp OK??? I Have Flabebe(Blue) With 500k Ready...
  3. King989

    Answered Arceus(Dark)

    Is Arceus Dark Avaiable To The Ones Who Have Completed Gyms And All Or Is It Availbale To Everyone?? Pls Reply
  4. King989

    Answered Mobile

    When Will Pokemon Vortex Come For Mobile??Because It Is Not That Much Playable Through Mobile Browser...
  5. King989

    Answered Alone In Map

    Why Do I See No One Else Than Me In Any Map I Go.....In My Old Account I Used To See Many Other Trainers On The Map!!!