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  1. I would really like you to change the rules of the game in clan battle. Level 100 pokemon only!
  2. In this game, the wrestler type easily wins (normal arceus, kyurem ice, darkrai dark, tyranitar rock, steel dialga). and his weakness with psychic types, fairies, fliers, insects, ghosts, poisons. has a solution for psychic pokemons like deoxys and alakazam uses a dark attack (scrafty) is also effective against ghosts. Fairy type is weak against steel (lucario) for the flying type a rock attack (terrakion) finally the bug type will burn with fire (blaziken) and the poison type with a psychic (medichan) To be continue!
  3. Greetings people from heaven today I want to play a game. say pokemon names that start with the letter (R)!!!
  4. What skill does the pokemon shadow class have?
  5. I was wondering if in the future I could create a pokemon fusion system and, as a result, get a game more interesting but not as ridiculous as this picture. :)
  6. with an option to activate or deactivate it ... I would love that!
  7. because the hen crossed the street? the answer... be on the other side.
  8. It's very hard to guess ... and remember that only clan members participate
  9. it's not special now, but in the beginning it was a star it's not special now, but in the beginning it was a star
  10. >--- only clan members ---> Hi, how do your feet walk? just as I was saying if you are a member of the clan and if you want something new I invite you to solve my riddle and win prizes (legendary pokemon mystic, metallic, etc) The winner will be the one who achieves at least 25 victories in the guild battles and solves the riddle first. and to receive the reward just check your trade. today's prize is a (Metallic palkia) I will review the results on 09/21/2018
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