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    Battle of Eternity


    Lets pray its infinite times pr day.
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    Giveaway Shiny Blastoise (Mega) Giveaway (Closed)

    IGN : BendOverBabe Fav event : Shadow Deoxys (Attack) Best Achievement : 11m xp in a day.
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    Report Haris327 Bribunny Bendoverbabe

    How am i being mean to you by warning players that you're trying to scam? Time after time you posted your same old scam in the public trade chat saying you wanted to give your account away because you stopped. 10 minutes after they came back in the chat whining that you attempted to or did scam them. And yes i have seen screenshots of your so-called scams from Shadowtails-derol, why they haven't arrived here yet, i don't know.