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  1. There is a bug when you searched specific pokemon and ordered it by numerical order. Like this one for example
  2. well i have the same issues with @auvime (cus i have a potato lappy) but then i tried using my android phone(3 gigs of ram and snapdragon 600x) and it works really fine for me.
  3. The main idea is to see the recent poke i've caught or the least of it. Yes as simple as that lol Despite i've asked this idea in pokemon vortex discord server and get replied by Patrick himself and i still have screenshots of it. as Patrick said in the picture, the idea was already been added but somehow he forgot it. so basically I made this post just to remind him again
  4. Make it simple as Mewtwo (Strikes Back) and/or as Mewtwo (Armor Evolution)
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