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  1. I got a shiny Latias if that’s still needed
  2. Not really... it depends on them both. If they’re both normal, then maybe. But if Arceus is unique and Xerneas is normal, not worth it at all.
  3. Hey, I got a but it's male. Do you want it despite this?
  4. My type is and it’s shiny. Looking for Marine or Polar
  5. I have a shiny vivllion and shiny mimikyu. IGN is JirachiAJ
  6. JirachiAJ

    My dex

    I’ll sell the snorunt. The shuppet is up for trade. I’ll check out your mons
  7. JirachiAJ

    My dex

    I have a shadow shuppet and shiny snorunt for trade. I can evolve the snorunt if you want. Fo you need them still?
  8. I tried to pm you but messages are off. I have shiny, shadow, and normal Sableye, Shiny, shadow, and normal weavile, shiny yveltal, normal darkrai, shiny and mystic spiritomb, shiny purrlion, shadow houndour, and shiny scraggy. I may have other dark-types that I missed so feel free to look through my pokemon. Ign is JirachiAJ
  9. I have a lot of Sableye, Weavile, Sneasel, Houndour, Houndoom, and Spiritomb. Is your ign the same as on here?
  10. What for the Psyduck? I have a ton of unique dark types
  11. Is the Rotom Fan still for trade? I got some legends for you
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