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  1. I love this! Super cool looking and the pumpkin on the back is perfect. The coloring is good too, but I would consider something other than the red fangs.
  2. I would try again and make sure you click "switch" and that you have a slot selected in the place you want the Jirachi to go when you are changing your team. I make that mistake sometimes too. Hope that helps.
  3. If you use the VortexBot commands (like: !poke Shiny Snorlax (Mega)) to search anything related to Shiny Snorlax (Mega), it seems like the coloring of a regular Shiny Snorlax is the same as Shiny Snorlax (Mega). I believe Shiny Snorlax (Mega) should be a black/grey color instead of the blue that shows up on discord. Not a huuuge issue, but just something I noticed. vs
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