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  1. octave

    Idea Breeding

    I was thinking, if the EV and IV suggestion were to be implemented then I think its just ideal to have the breeding system. Of course keep the event pokemons and legendaries be non breedable.
  2. octave

    Idea Breeding

    Hi, basically the idea that i came up with is to allow pokemon breeding.
  3. Hi! I need some help, my map wont load in my main account, but my other accounts can load the map just fine. Can someone help me?
  4. octave

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    alright.. Can u add me as friend in game? my ign is: octave
  5. octave

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    I would like dark torchic, dark victini, and dark mudkip. preferably female. how much pokedollar will they be?
  6. octave

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    Hi bro, are you still doing the pokemon hunting service? would like a couple of pokemons will pay in pokedollars.