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  1. u have to follow me to enter bud
  2. follow me and comment your IGN and why you want the money on the comments to be entered in a $1mill giveaway, a winner will be chosen at ( 2019-05-20) good luck i will message the winner personally due ( 2019-05-20) rules- have to be following me ign: guccimon on forums the winner is......\ using a picker app shinyblaziken congrats!!! you won 1mill pokedollars! i will personally MSG you to claim your prize thx to everyone who entered. if the prize is not claimed by the 24th, there will be another winner chosen
  3. 1:ING: Guccimon 2: im Bad 3: DeezNuts
  4. What can i get for Shiny and normal
  5. what can i get for my dark solgaleo can i get 5.5mill exp? my ign: guccimon on my shiny noespass
  6. hello my ing: guccimon pm me on pokemon vortex PM me when u are ready
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