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  1. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    which uniq?and for norm i will train 1 mil
  2. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    i will train 3 for metallic Pichu Christmas and 4 for shiny pichumas
  3. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    Sorry mate only accepting those mentioned above and after all it is for events not "DP's"
  4. BlazeKick007

    Giveaway misty_lax Christmas Giveaway

    IGN: Blazekick007 Favourite Pokemons >> 1 Pikachu 2 Charizard 3 Ho-oh Why do i wanna win cuz i didnt get any gifts this Christmas.
  5. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    For Sure offer the pokemon you want to add exp in Blazekick007
  6. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    State your Exp offer I am new and thnks for being my first Customer
  7. BlazeKick007

    Experience Training Exp For Events(Chapter 1)

    Hi Guys, Just wanna complete my Events Dex. So State your Exp and Pokemon you want exp on these are the Few events i need for this Chapter to complete: x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 . Note: Just post your offers and pokemon which you need exp on. Bulk orders has to wait. Currently Training: For Dark Pichu (Christmas).~6 Mil
  8. BlazeKick007

    Giveaway Volcanion Promo Code Giveaway

    Ign. Blazekick007 Just Helped a Blind person cross the road. It made my heart pure
  9. BlazeKick007

    Giveaway Giveaway

    Ign:Blazekick007 Just In the dream that i have to win this giveaway . anyway thnks
  10. BlazeKick007

    Report No Reply From Admins

    I have been cheated by yaboi about a month ago or more than that but i have asked to get my money back as he was caught cheating with evidence when i asked @flamescape or @Patrick there is no reply for my messages i want my Money pls Help Me Out
  11. BlazeKick007

    Report Account Hacked

    can we talk in discord
  12. BlazeKick007

    Report Account Hacked

    now he has jumped to another account please see this please ban him and please i want my money back please see the account was created on sep 11 please ban him and get my money back please Account name : YaBoisBoi http://prntscr.com/ktcwvz see this also http://prntscr.com/ktcx8u I Have given all the proof you wanted please ban both the accounts and please get my money back and i didnt give my pass to anyone i was changing monthly
  13. BlazeKick007

    Report Account Hacked

    Pls Admins Look at this please please please I Don't know what to do know i want my money back and you should ban the person called YaBoi this person hacked into my acount and has taken alll my money just see this first please http://prntscr.com/kt68ka i'll tell it from the first in my system i will get the error called """This site cannot be reached """"" many times so in order to play i use a vpn called touchvpn and i think i had set that to some country and i logged out after training some exp on gardevoir as i am an exp trainer and today sep 11 i was not able to log in and got my pass back from password retrival system.... and i saw in pokeay that i had bid on a pokeball 5,100,000 i know you can see who logged in please please check and please return my money and you should ban the person please it's my req he is cheating i want him to be banned please please @sportsandmusic69 @Patrick and my fav @flamescape please look to it please
  14. BlazeKick007

    Contest Cosmog Giveaway

    ign: Blazekick007
  15. BlazeKick007

    Answered Password

    oh hello sir i was telling that if he types less than 8 characters the system will show this type of message: http://prntscr.com/kmcqnt and you said that " for more security purpose" that's a foolish answer to it moreover you are telling that it accepted in yours it is impossible if you type less than 8 char...