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  1. cat159753 has won the giveaway!! I honestly didn't expect 11 peeps to enter lol I have put latios up for trade (offer a weak/common pokemon for it.)
  2. How much money do you want for the shiny and shadow torchic?
  3. Sure, I will put it up for trade.
  4. Sorry dishpart, but I already have the normal version. (torchic was my starter.)
  5. Beast balls can be obtained by completing all of the alola sidequests. Getting 1 beast ball has a 30% drop rate, getting 10 beast balls has a 34% drop rate, and getting 25 beast balls has a 6% drop rate. You could also get 1 ice stone from it (30% drop rate,) so don't expect to get beast balls from the alola sidequests. I'm not sure how to get vortex balls, but you probably get them from mystery boxes (which cost real money.)
  6. Hello, I need unique (Dark, Metallic, Mystic, Shadow, Shiny) torchics. I will also trade for combuskens, blazikens, and mega blazikens. I will trade you legendaries if you are willing to trade a torchic, combusken, or blaziken. The legendaries I currently have are I also have a if you would like to trade for that. Message me if you are interested (ign is doctorclump) in any of those legendaries and I will put it up for trade.
  7. Whenever I login, it is always nighttime. I have only seen the maps on daytime once.
  8. Could I get the barbaracle? ill send u a trade.
  9. My ign is doctorclump. I would like to order 1 cosmic Thanks for the awesome giveaway Also I have no cosmogs so yaw
  10. I'll try changing my forum email, and see if that works. (Btw yes I did see your edit)
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