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  1. UnknownUzerName

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    IGN: Unknownuzername
  2. UnknownUzerName

    Contest Regice Giveaway

    Steps to win: enter IGN, and name your favorite Pokemon. Also, contest ends December 20th
  3. UnknownUzerName

    Universal TRADE

    Uhhh... I have a Genesect
  4. UnknownUzerName

    Experience LF Someone to do a EXP job for shiny primals

    bro, ill train 10m for shiny groudon primal
  5. UnknownUzerName

    Idea Next battle button

    Is it possible to add a button for when after you finish a gym leader battle you could just click it and you go to the next one because it takes a lot of time to go back to the gym after you finish battling and then go to the next one.
  6. UnknownUzerName

    Answered I was banned

    I dont think there are second chances, Just like what eurstin and waybig said.
  7. UnknownUzerName

    Universal TRADE

    Can I have the Shiny
  8. UnknownUzerName

    Universal Event pokemon + Ultra Beast

    i have a zygarde cell if you are interested?
  9. UnknownUzerName

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    if i get one what will you give me
  10. UnknownUzerName


  11. UnknownUzerName

    exp training

    i already changed the rates
  12. UnknownUzerName

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    No i do not.
  13. UnknownUzerName

    Giveaway Jar Jar Giveaway

    IGN: UnknownUzerName I offer Shiny Pancham
  14. UnknownUzerName

    exp training

    thanks for the feedback
  15. UnknownUzerName

    exp training

    300k it is