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  1. can you get 200k xp on my abomosnow. would be like 150k more xp required to go per your thing is it like 15k pokedollars? ign winingggg
  2. Correct you can only evolve your spewpa into polar each account has a random vivillion evolution. so if you want the other types have other players evolve your spewpa for u on their accounts or trade with other players to collect different types or buy them in auction.
  3. can you train my mystic golbat 1mil xp. per your rules it would cost 500k right?
  4. Happiness is based on battles not level. Every battle you do you eevee gains either 1 or 2 happiness points. It is random. for ever star you need like 73 stars except for the last star which is 35points. Your eevee is not bugged just need to battle more with it. i suggest battling and random player with 3 pokemon to go faster. Can go into the gyms to battle to battle like misty or somebody like her.
  5. I will evolve all you dusty bowl evolutions for 25k poke dollars. If interested in the service please message me in the game. IGN winingggg
  6. No rare candies in the game. You have to level up your pokemon by battling other trainers or wild pokemon. I would recommend using the training accounts as the best way to level up your pokemon
  7. winingggg

    Universal trade

    ill give u shadow fennekin lv 100 for it. ign winingggg shadow fennekin is already up for trade
  8. I will buy a normal treecko if you have one. ign winingggg
  9. Dont see it UFT. Ill put my modern up and you can offer on that
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