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  1. Dont see it UFT. Ill put my modern up and you can offer on that
  2. i have an extra vivillion modern ign winingggg
  3. in this game necrozma is considered an ultra beast and can only be caught with a vortex or beast ball
  4. ign winingggg i love trying to train the pokemon and getting as much pokes as i can
  5. would u train a pokemon of mine to 250k for a normal cosmog if so message me in game ign winingggg
  6. winingggg

    Christmas Hatchathon


    all i want for this event is no more 30 min crap eggs lol
  7. pichu xmas evolves into pikachu xmas
  8. ign winingggg best pokemon milktank worst pokemon ditto
  9. ign winingggg i plow the snow for the elderly couple on the street without them asking me to do it and for no pay.
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