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  1. finished training bro.. pokes are up for trade in ign : sabariprabhuk
  2. IGN : sabariprabhuk Fav pokemon : Fav number : 10
  3. will be done today.. sorry.. I was on vacation.. so cudnt train for last 2 days.. previous job Wil be done today,.. if its ok for you offer togepi.. I will start training tomorrow
  4. what are the legendary? thank you too bud..
  5. sure.. but am already on a job buddy.. can you wait one or two days? if so.. offer on ign : sabariprabhuk ok killertrainz… offer your pokemon on ign : sabariprabhuk
  6. its ok no problem..I can do.. offer those pokemon on ign : sabariprabhuk thank you
  7. ok will do... and regarding ur previous job.. ur offer dint have latios
  8. finished your training bro.. its uft in ign : sabariprabhuk offer with the leggys
  9. training done.. its tuft in ign : sabariprabhuk.. offer with the leggy bro finished your job bro.. tuft in ign : sabariprabhuk … offer with ub
  10. sure buddy... offer on ign : sabariprabhuk
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