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  1. I am trading event pokes for pokes i dont have and shiny leggies(which i dont have) the event pokes rand andandand and and and and and and and and and my IGN is pooram pm me for offers
  2. I lost a shiny giratina orgin in wonder trade
  3. 1.We can know the value of a pokemon or item in the month we choose 2.Pokemon Vortex can enable ads so that people can see them and earn in-game rewards 3.Disable the option that "You are are bidding too fast" 4.This suggestion is a bug it is that if one user is in my friends list,the user cannot see my name on his/her friends list(for example)if realkidrich is my friend list he cannot see my name on his friends list so when he sends me a friend request and i try to accept it it keeps on loading i would appreciate if u fixed this bug
  4. No i attacked so much times then finally this much damage was done
  5. how did she win i attcked the most damage
  6. thank you sneezball for the contest https://imgur.com/a/A5aoF3N my IGN is pooram
  7. My IGN is pooram and i have followed u i wanna buy some exp pokes to increase my ranking
  8. adam.11 said he will give shiny entei and porygon sword for 500k then i bidded on his great ball after that he blocked me this is the proof that we chatted https://prntscr.com/nmp0i4 https://prntscr.com/nmp0h6 https://prntscr.com/nmp0g1 https://prntscr.com/nmp0e9 https://prntscr.com/nmp0d5 https://prntscr.com/nmp0bb https://prntscr.com/nmp0a7 https://prntscr.com/nmp08s and there is also proof that i bidded
  9. My IGN is pooram never have won 1 from here and hoping to win 1
  10. thnx and sorry cause the giveaway is already ended
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