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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lJuw2lDteU i admit i tried the easy way out and tried using a 'hack' and have learnt from my mistake, but please now enquire into this video and also this account (IGN:paulyybam) i think this guy stole my (IGN:HedraGrey1236) account, ive also talked to someone else on the comment section of that video link and his pokemon were stolen as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAS Enquire into this, i can 99% guarantee peoples accounts hacked have been to this guy. Thank you Please
  3. Hi i was recently playing pokemon vortex at around 1:00am (new zealand time) and i at that time i was finding alot of legends i think i found shadow ho oh, shadow genesect, groudon and got killed by a metallic necrozma and passed an uxie (may be useful) i was playing searching for pokemon then i left for a minute or so came back and using the arrow keys to search the map at that point the map wasnt loading (thought it was lag) so i refreshed and found out it wouldnt let me sign back in i tried siging in multiple times but i couldnt sign back in to the point where it says wait 30mins to sign in, (i know my password, username off heart and have never given my account to anyone). i assumed i may have been hacked, i assumed because i have been hacked before on a really old acc ( readyaction which was around 2010 maybe). Anyways i whipped up a new account and i had no troubles logging into it (so servers were alright i thought) oncce signed in i went to members and searched my 'hacked' acc which is (HedraGrey1236) i saw my team and noticed my legends and lvl 100s gone, my current team at the time of me on it was Mystic Darkrai lvl 100, Metallic type null 65, Shiny Zangoose lvl 100, and a few other weaker pokemon (to weaken legends and such) and the current team is switched with pokemon i didnt own( i know this beacause i mainly hunted shiny ONLY and these were regular), after this i viewed my pokemon and all lvl 100s and legends gone. Please help me get my account back and if possible my legends i have only recently got back into this game and is a game i loved to play in my school days, please i put a decent amount of time into catching pokemon, getting achievments and such. PS: i am not to sure who scammed me as i had only one friend on that account and only followed one account, Pm me if you need these peoples details but im sure these people are cool. Hacked Gamer tag: HedraGrey1236 New Gamer Tag: akatsukisasori Please and thanks