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  1. False Swipe not Working it ko poke although it should left the poke to 1 hp
  2. Foxyriz

    Report Furqan10 Scammed Me

    I Got Scammed by Furqan10 For 70Mbs Code (I Know U Might Think I Am Stupid) Poke That I Lost: Arceus (Ice) x1 Rotom (Halloween) x1 Mystic Cosmog x1 Dark Cosmog x1 Volcanion x1 Details: He Gave Me A Code And It Is Not 70Mbs Code But It Is An Used Cosmog Code Then He Says Wait Then He Blocked Me. The False Code Is:A4B0-4199-ADEB My Poke Id That I Could Trace: Mystic Cosmog:22463034 Dark Cosmog:22176624 Arceus (Ice):18349258 Rotom (Halloween):6668029 Volcanion:I Don't Know I Bought It While It Is A Code On PokeBay But It Is My Ot If Any Mods/Admins Want Proof I Can Send Via Discord.
  3. Foxyriz

    Uniques My dex

    I have shiny mudkip
  4. Foxyriz

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    I only have a cosmog and I don't got it by the quiz I bid it for 700k -Foxyriz
  5. Foxyriz

    Uniques Vivillon Trade Thread

    anyone need shadow vivilion garden? -Foxyriz
  6. Foxyriz

    Uniques My dex

    I hve kyogre too I post the mystic regiice and shiny clampearl on auction can I trade or sell to u the kyogre?
  7. Foxyriz

    Universal you are free for choose

    I have shadow spewpa
  8. Foxyriz

    Universal Dark Pokemon

    I have pawniard inkay pangorro sneasel absol deion sandile darkrown vullaby zoroark malamar yveltal if=ign foxyriz
  9. Ign-Foxyriz Fav Event:Marshadow Event Best Achievement:Being useless
  10. Foxyriz

    Events Need someone who can train Exp

    when it must be done?
  11. Foxyriz

    Events Need someone who can train Exp

    ok beartic to 4.5 mil rigjht?
  12. Foxyriz

    Uniques Pokemon Hunting (103 jobs done)

    how much for shiny xerneas active or shadow froakie or shiny mudkip
  13. Foxyriz

    Events Need someone who can train Exp

    I can but how much u can pay