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  1. Hey guys here a new topic. Halloween event start soon so what about some nicknames for the scyther (halloween) zubat(halloween), reply with a nickname for scyther (halloween) and zubat (halloween) that you like or think it suits them if you have more then one for 1 poke just let it know, here are my nicknames Scyther (halloween) : 1st. The Death, 2nd. Death Zubat (halloween) : SpookySports
  2. Hey, im looking forward to a new rule in discord quiz from the bods, that if your spamming the chat full with bullcrap they should get a next quiz ban, if they do it twice they should get a 3 quizes ban if it happen for the third time then a quiz bann for a whole day, but ofcours first with a warning, its really annoying for spamming the chat full with crap
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