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  1. Looking for Offering Edit: Alternatively also offering a for it
  2. Yeah it's a shame for sure they're not taking me seriously here. Although I can understand why your other 2 accounts were banned. Most sites don't look kindly to making new accounts purely to evade bans. It's not like you're changing your IP either, so it's not that hard for them to figure out. I'm still going to try to get unbanned here though. Every developer knows "fool proof" doesn't exist, and false positives have happened before
  3. I don't even know where to begin to prove my innocence for an accusation like this. I can't exactly say "nope didn't happen" because that's not reliable proof, and we both know it. And I also didn't think to fully document all of my time on this website, because, why should I when I'm not doing something wrong, right? I'm however saddened to see you guys unwilling to listen to reason, and act like professionals. And instead your putting me down as if I'm some lowlife that doesn't deserve any better. I fully understand you guys are simply doing your jobs, and I'm perfectly willing to put water under the bridge and not hold this against you guys like an adult. And all I request in return is that you guys show me a small amount of respect, and try to figure out what really happened here. We're all respectful members of society here, so lets treat eachother as equals
  4. Well it's safe to say I'm not exactly pleased with how you guys are handling this situation. Auction is long over, so my time was wasted there, sadly. I understand that 9/10 times these bans are justified, but I'm trying to tell you guys I'm that 1/10. Let's talk this out as adults.
  5. I'm kinda confused here then, is it possible you guys got something else confused? There's no third party scripts or anything on my computer, so it must've been something else that triggered a red flag Edit: I figure you guys aren't too keen on bumping so I'll make an edit instead. I get you guys got some healthy suspicious here because my account is new, and the fact that this is a ban appeal must place your opinion of me quite low, I understand this completely as I've been a moderator in the past. But I'm sure we can figure this out as professionals. Can you guys give me some context as to what happened? I'd love to give proof of my innocence, but I can't prove I didn't do anything wrong if I don't know what and when you guys think I did something wrong. I'd love to hear back from you guys soon, as I've been trying to win an auction these last couple of days, which is ending in like 6 hours, and it'd be a bummer if I were to miss the deadline
  6. Hmm, no that doesn't sound right. You guys sure you didn't ban the wrong account?
  7. What's up my dudes, just trying to play the game here, only to discover my account has been banned. Did something go wrong? I certainly don't remember breaking any rules Edit: All I can think of is possibly fighting against training accounts for money, as that felt kinda cheesy, but those were posted by Patrick himself so I figured they'd alright. Was that the reason?
  8. Looking for Shiny Beldum Offering Mystic Reshiram
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