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  1. I dont know where to start but here you go >> The ign: skullknight.v4 approached me saying that he need my poke amaura and he shall train exp for it. Later he left the game for few days saying that he wont be available for few days and shall do the training after he is back. I started observing everyday and have noticed that he is coming online everyday and sent a msg to return my poke and I didn't get a reply from him and upon that he transfered my poke without my permission to the account hoshigaki . Later i had a chat with the account hoshigaki on discord and found that somehow both t
  2. i also had an chat with this guy zapdash before regarding a necrozma which he posted in trade channel on discord for sale. I asked him the necrozma for 2.5m pds and then you see he started abusing me!!!! i replied that i have already bought a necrozma from auctions in the past for only 1.5m.....after seeing this he was like i will give you my whole account if you prove that...as i was too lazy to go and check the prevoiusly bought necrozma from auctions , i simply asked his ign to know how stupid is his account and he replied me that he has many accounts!!!! i was like OKAY! and blocked that
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