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  1. @xSnowLeopardx I recommend you check player in discord before making any deal, new players or who offer their service very cheap are usually scammers in most cases charizard97 is banned yeah, he is banned now.
  2. hola, temo decirte que todos los ban en el vortex son permanentes, no tengo informacion de alguien que haya recuperado una cuenta baneada, Patrick es muy estricto en cuanto a los ban por "bot" o "hack" de mapas, te recomiendo empezar de nuevo con una cuenta nueva sin usar ningun programa ni ventaja sobre el juego. si realmente no sabes el motivo de tu ban o crees que se equivocaron contigo, debes dejar un post escrito en ingles en la seccion bug-error
  3. Of course, but it doesn't seem irrational to prohibit the purchase of poke-legis from new players? What I would recommend according to this case is to place an option in the pokemart to be able to "sell" pokes-items to the server, for a price base. with that I think there would be stable prices at auctions, because many would use this option before waiting for auctions
  4. @sportsandmusic69 that does not explain under any circumstances this image taken right now, and yes, that amount of pd was discount from my account Finally I think that in this way he can no longer refute my topic. check that the current owner is "panchoxd" when it was me who paid 1.8m of pds and please I hope you give me a solution and don't just close my topic without giving me a solution
  5. And do you think that will return the "real value" of the legendarys at auctions? no sir, if the legendarys are devalued every day in the auctions, it is because the players prefer to sell them at those prices due to the low demand and a lot of existing supply in the auctions
  6. I apologize for my basic level of English. I attached 5 images to corroborate my topic. - I won the "Highest bidder" in the auction fights for this pokemon * Shiny Aerodactyl (mega) *, but I haven't received it in my box - I have verified that the current owner of the pokemon * is "panchoxd" I ask for speed on this matter, and I ask for a solution as soon as possible my IGN: llSentinell, waiting for a quick response
  7. I only do sidequest because for me using the "battle any member" option is very boring and stressful for me. and the sidequest that I have finished I have only won 1 fossil and 1 orb network that are really worth it, in some ways improving the percentage of rare rewards would comfort me more than entering the global top
  8. ckeck my page trade, IGN: "llsentinell" I have: normal poke-event Unique poke-event Shiny rare poke Shiny poke-event Shiny legendaries Shiny Ultra-beast quiz pokes (normal / unique) Uniques Razquaza (mega) Shiny raichu (alolan) and much more in my auctions too. all my pokes of the trade page are subject to direct sale too (pokedollars). any questions or interests to trade send a message to me
  9. My idea is that they raise the experience gained in the sidequest, since it is the most difficult part of the game, and it requires a lot of concentration and experience to finish the 1871 levels. for example: finishing the kanto region: earn 5% exp at the following sidequest levels. finishing the johto region: earn 10% exp " finishing the Sevii Islands: earn 15% exp " and gradually, until reaching the Kalos region: with a 55% exp bonus maybe I ask too much in percentages, but this is my idea and you can modify it if you wish In this way, they would help a lot of the players that only perform sidequest and that for a long time we can not enter the global top
  10. I think it is a much better idea to add the option of verification by cell phone message when logging in, just as steam does to avoid account theft
  11. much better if they implement it, personally I only play in the sidequest, and it is really annoying to have to reload the page for each pokemon
  12. I N F I N I T Y [INF8] busco-recluto toda aquella alma amante de los pokemons, y sobre todo con ganas de aprender mas y mas sobre este maravilloso mundo del Pokemon vortex. mi IGN: "llsentinell" siempre dispuesto a responder dudas o consultas, y aun mas rápido para aceptar una petición de ingreso al clan
  13. en esa parte tiene mucha razon mi estimado @Auke1993, aun le falta desarrollar mucho al juego, sobre ese aspecto.. pero actualmente no hay relevancia alguna entre la condicion del ataque, solo cuenta la potencia del mismo, así que te recomiendo llenarte de pokes con mega evolución, esos siempre tienen ataques con mucha potencia, tambien porque tienen ataques con mucha potencia para comprar también, suerte con eso, en lo personal te recomiendo usar ataques con potencia 120 del mismo tipo que tu poke, son super efectivos y tienen 100% chance de golpe
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