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  1. If i am correct a feature like that is already under development as "Clan depository".
  2. Exactly that was a con to my suggestion . Hence i said that it may be a bit absurd. Your suggestion is actually improvised..
  3. Dude not lying my birthday is also on 5th December. Which year bro??
  4. I have an idea which may sound a bit absurd and unessential but i may just lay it infront of the developers. Its a fact that the base of pokemon vortex at the moment is mostly the training accounts. The players who want to earn money, do so by using training accounts, the one's who aim for experience too use mostly the training accounts. Now my proposal is that since most of the business on Pokemon Vortex is currently going on in the training accounts. Why not create a different tab under battles titled "Training accounts" which would have further subtitles like "TypeGhost, TypeFairy, etc". This would provide an convenient and easy way for players to access them and would also help the newly joined players to help them train their pokemons easily. This may seem unessential but i just wanted to give that idea. If you like this idea , then please upvote the suggestion and also give your views on this idea.
  5. You cant access legacy maps. If i am right it cannot be enabled by the players who created their accounts the release of live maps.
  6. Ign: ronakcena512 Never won a giveaway so hoping for this one (finger crossed)
  7. If you are talking abt legacy maps...your answers would be the ground maps
  8. Contact me if u have a , I will give you a for that
  9. Bro i can give you necrozma only at one deal.. I want two pokemons out of which one must be mystic cosmog. If you get that mystic cosmog...i will trade my Necrozma with you
  10. Bro i have told you too many times that i am not selling my Necrozma
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