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  1. Thanks for the information Straya. I have updated the guide with the details
  2. Normal/Fire = Litleo, Pyroar Normal/Water = Bibarel Normal/Electric = Helioptile,Heliolisk Normal/Grass = Deerling,Sawsbuck Normal/Ice = Eevee(Christmas) Normal/Fighting = Lopunny,Stufful,Bewear,Snorlax(Mega) Normal/Ground = Diggersby Normal/Flying= Pidgey,Pidgeotto,Pidgeot,Pidgeot(Mega),Spearow,Fearow,Farfetch'd,Doduo,Dodrio,Hoothoot,Noctowl,Taillow,Swellow,Swablu,Starly,Staravia,Staraptor,Chatot,Pidove,Tranquill,Unfezant,Rufflet,Braviary,Fletchling,Pikipek,Trumbeak,Toucannon,Missingno. Normal/Psychic = Girafarig,Meloetta(Aria),Oranguru,Indeedee(M),Indeedee(F) Normal/Dragon = Drampa No
  3. Woah you finally did it yeah.. Congratulations shuckly boy.
  4. Bro, suppose the prize for one tournament was lets say Firium-Z. And suppose you won the tournament and you've got your Z-crystal. Now, if the next week the prize remains same and if you could again participate and you have an OP team that can win and suppose you do win. That would just be bad because you are just blocking the way for other players to win and even if you are allowed and you win it, you will only sell it a high price which only few people can afford, that would be unjust with the you know medium players who dont have enough money.
  5. This is mostly an idea for the developers to add in the game. Since, as heard, the developers may soon be bringing Z-moves/Z-stones to the game & Some players had suggested an idea related to live battles. So i have a idea which would mix both together and also make an interesting field of play for the players. IDEA - What the developers can do is they can create a type of tournament. The tournament will be held between 20-100 players who will battle "Live",i.e. the moves of their pokemon will be selected by them and not the com
  6. Which events Coz shiny groudon has a worth!!
  7. Sry i have updated the list bro. I wanna save the Necrozma's for the event . Really sorry for your inconvenience. If i find another one i will tell you
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