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  1. Ign : Ronakcena512 I want the cosmog bcoz i wanted a lunala to complete my set of having Necrozma, Solgaleo and Lunala. Also bcoz i love Nebby
  2. I have been quite thinking about this idea. See my idea is that manu players have been asking that the game gets boring in doing the same old stuff. I've got an idea for the developers. You could add a challenges tab in the game where each player gets 2-3 diff tasks to complete everyday like catching a pokemon, training someone till 100k exp, buy this amt of stuff from pokebay,etc. The prizes can be chosen by developers as per their wish. Benefit would be that the players will now have something to actually do while they're tired of just doing something for a span of time. And if possible, every sunday's you may even set up more difficult tasks with more better rewards. I hope you like the idea. Please upvote if you did like it.
  3. The Page has been updated please check and offer
  4. I've already got floette and not selling 3 galar legendaries for one arceus is too much
  5. Eternatus event isn't coming out soon probably .
  6. Bro not to be rude but we all know that soon a Necrozma event will be coming so the prices have really increased tbh.
  7. Wow congrats captain. Even i should've been on list except for the fact that i left the clan. I left just bcoz nothing was actually happening in the group and i got an offer to join pokemon Vortex so i joined it. Sorry
  8. ronakcena512

    Universal Mew

    I am searching for and . Please contact me in case you have one of them. Will offer pkd or pokemons
  9. I have got cresselia, Shiny Mew/Dark Mew, Entei,Zapdos, Jirachi, Azelf(variants) , Shadow Dialga,Shaymin (Sky),Zacian,Zamazenta, Dratinire and Darkrown
  10. Great Bcoz i just lost a shiny Kubfu just a min ago due to the same problem
  11. And some would tell me to switch to low resolution in the live maps. I have already tried that but the problem still persists. In legacy maps we could've known that network is bad but its not possible in live map.
  12. I've got a idea for the developer which hopefully they will like and add to the game. I would request the developers to add a Network Ping on live map so that the player could know if his internet is smooth. In general, I am mostly referring to the Indian (Asian) players because in India, the internet is worse than the spread of the virus. Personally i want it because i have missed like 3 legendary and 1 UB bcoz of it. It happens quite often that suddenly you get no pokemons on the map for like 30-60 seconds and then suddenly you will be shown all those pkmn you crossed by in the period which ofcourse you can't catch bcoz as per the game...they have already disappeared. The feature of ping so something similar would allow to know that our network or server is bad so at that time we can actually stop moving and wont lose any pokemons. Hope you like the idea!!
  13. Hey kalipo i have got many many unique legendaries as well as common Pokemon. Check out my ign and contact
  14. I already have a munchlax up for trade offer your pkmns...
  15. I can give you a normal Zacian and a shiny Mew??
  16. Its spelled espagnol in French . I am French student so i can it espagnol
  17. Ok I will speak English. Btw its not Espagnol it is Nepali
  18. Tyaso bha timi afai choose garera offer gardeu kunai pkmn..... Maile munchlax trade ma haldaichu
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