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  1. 1. Arceus 2. Entei, suicune, raikou 3. Dialga, palkia, giratina 4. Darkrai 5. 5 Thanks for the giveaway!!
  2. Ign: baddream Song: despacito Anime: Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood Thanks for the giveaway!!
  3. Ign: baddream Thanks for the giveaway and best of luck for your future
  4. ign:baddream thanks for the giveaway!!
  5. Ign: baddream You can offer on any low level Pokemon uft Thanks again
  6. IGN: baddream Thanks for the giveaway!!
  7. But I don't think a shadow Kyurem is worth so much. Just check if they're legit
  8. Hey!! + for your shadow or metallic kyogre?
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