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  1. tipsyturtle

    Idea Pokedex Achievements

    Achievements have already been confirmed for development/implementation, however, I still think this is a nice idea for an achievement.
  2. I'm not too sure if such a feature has been asked for before, but regardless, I think with the current state of mystery boxes it would not hurt to bring up again. If possible, I believe a native method of trading/exchanging promo codes should be implemented within the game. Currently, the only way of safely exchanging promo codes within the game is through Pokebay, which provides users with only one form of currency to use, Pokedollars. This completely ignores such a large portion of the game, trading. With the introduction of monthly rotations of events in mystery boxes (the contents of which are given in the form of promo codes), a large number of users who do not have the money for auctions but may have valuable Pokemon for trade are forced to put their trust into other users who have promo codes of their own for trade, opening themselves up to the possibility of an easy scam. This is also the case for users who have promo codes of a Pokemon of a specific variant that they would like to swap for another promo code of a different variant. There are multiple ways through which this feature could be implemented that I can currently think of off the top of my head(some of which I am not sure may be possible to implement, however), for example: - Allowing users to put promo codes up for trade while also allowing users to offer promo codes on pokemon/other promo codes up for trade - Having some sort of virtual/automated middleman that can hold onto promo codes and can accept or decline offers of Pokemon or other promo codes based on the user's action (this is pretty much the same as the previous method except that if the previous method is difficult/not possible to implement due to some kind of difference in the way Pokemon and promo codes are handled, it could be done this way) - Packaging a promo code into some kind of gift catapult that will only deliver to another user if said user has a gift catapult containing the desired Pokemon/item in a promo code (this would probably be too confusing for users) I think the most obvious choice (but I can only assume potentially the most difficult to implement since it isn't already ingame) would be the first method, as it would work with an existing system that does not seem to pose any visible exploits if implemented properly. It would also be the most understandable for users as they would be comfortable using a system they are used to. I probably haven't put as much thought into this as I should have but I think it should be addressed because of the recent mystery box change. Hearing other ideas/methods, criticism, disadvantages etc. would be nice. Sorry for the wall of text, what do you guys think?
  3. tipsyturtle

    Unanswered HELP NEEDED

    Additionally remember to check your spam/junk mail, it may appear there.
  4. tipsyturtle

    Idea rename

    I've heard that when the premium membership subscription is available in store, one of the perks is being able to rename Pokemon that you are not the original trainer of, so you'll probably have to wait until then and buy the subscription yourself or ask someone who already has to rename your Pokemon. Edit: "Premium subscriptions come with the following perks as long as your subscription is active: ... You can nickname Pokémon in-game that you are not the original trainer (OT) of. "
  5. tipsyturtle

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Go oonnnnnn