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  1. tipsyturtle

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    Broken heart is the most damage
  2. tipsyturtle

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    yes no maybe so ign: tipsyturtle
  3. tipsyturtle

    Answered Training

    There's this: Alternatively you can use these: TrainDark TypeBug TypeDragon TypeElectric TypeFairy TypeFighting TypeFire TypeFlying TypeGhost TypeGrass TypeGround TypeIce TypeNormal TypePoison TypePsychic TypeRock TypeSteel TypeWater Keep in mind that Pokemon that do not have any immunities must be at level 100 to have an easier time battling. These training accounts are much better for either training exp or training Pokemon that have immunities (Ghost, Dark, Normal etc.).
  4. tipsyturtle

    Feedback In-Game Clock

    This is only an issue if you have chosen a timezone different to your own, in which case, it is 100% your own fault. If you have chosen your own timezone, you should be able to look at your own clock for this. Adarsh isn't requesting to remove the 10 second timer. He's arguing that the in-game clock and its seconds helped with timing when his battles could end so that he wouldn't hit the timer and be forced to restart the battle. Just because some players have different goals doesn't mean the timer should be removed. It's not in place for the sole purpose of slowing down exp trainers, it's there for anti-cheating reasons and probably more I presume. There are reasons to argue against that, but that's a whole other story.
  5. But they're not outdated browsers.
  6. Can confirm, it has always been an issue on Safari. I'm not too confident on the specifics, but I think it's because of the browser engine that Safari uses (Webkit). I can recreate the issue using Epiphany/Gnome Browser on Linux which also uses Webkit: Edit: Actually now that I think about it, I think the same issue occurs on Microsoft Edge. I can't test it myself at the moment but I feel like I recall facing the same bug there. They don't use Webkit so I don't know anymore. They are switching over to use Chromium soon though I think, so it'll probably be fixed on Edge by then.
  7. tipsyturtle

    Resolved Clock not showing

    The in-game clock is being removed as of v4.2.x, which has gradually been rolling out in the past couple of hours. This is because you are now able to go into the Options tab (from the left of your screen) and adjust the in-game time according to your own preferred timezone. You only get to do this once as it is a permanent change on your account, meaning you could hypothetically make a separate account in a different timezone for access to both night and day Pokemon. Doing so will change every occurrence of time in-game into your own time, making the in-game clock redundant which is why it is being removed. For now, you should be able to change the game to your own preferred timezone, but it will not update the in-game times immediately. This aspect will be rolling out very soon. More info on the update can be found here
  8. tipsyturtle

    Answered Is Necrozma a Ultra Beast?

  9. tipsyturtle

    Both Tyrantrum Sprites

    I prefer this one
  10. tipsyturtle

    Idea a button to delete avatars

    Only thing is this method doesn't give you an alphabetical listing of your avatars (which is a headache in itself), unlike when viewing them from the auctions page. Deleting avatars would be nice to have especially because of low-tier daily login avatars and since we keep getting the same bunch of avatars from mystery boxes (which at some point doesn't matter since you end up collecting them all and the items page has a separate list for dupe amounts instead of listing them redundantly). Personally I'd still prefer just being able to only have and choose avatars that I want to use, rather than having a large collection that doesn't necessarily make it more difficult to choose since you can just use your keyboard when choosing an avatar to highlight a specific Pokemon's name, but is just a big eyesore.
  11. tipsyturtle

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Haha this is a great topic. I remember my entire class playing the game every lesson during school and it was so fun. Those splash Hoppips were a godsend. I think we also used to be able to buy fossils from the Pokemart, can't remember correctly but I think starters were there too? Ancient Pokemon were hilarious to everyone and instead of calling them Ancient Pokemon we called them Poop Pokemon. Remember we could battle admin accounts and if I recall, they were over-levelled and Mystic, it honestly felt like their Mystic pokes would avoid attacks 70% of the time instead of 25%. Then we got word that our accounts got deleted and pretty much everyone quit except a couple of us that re-made newer accounts a few months later but stopped playing anyway. I was reminded of it last year and started playing again, got a couple of my mates to join too. The old days always feel so great and nostalgic, it was kind of like Pokemon Go before Pokemon Go existed, just limited to my school.
  12. tipsyturtle

    Answered Next Update

    Hope you don't mind me using your own edit :p
  13. tipsyturtle

    Answered Nickname

    Previously you would have to ask an admin like Patrick to reset the nickname of your Pokemon for you (because Moderators couldn't do it themselves), however due to overwhelming amounts of requests he has stopped doing so and has stated that you must wait for the reset nickname feature to be implemented in a future update. However, you can simply rename the Pokemon to it's original name yourself, for example: 'Pineapple Duck' can be renamed to 'Dark Ludicolo' (assuming that Pineapple Duck is a Dark Ludicolo). However, the Pokemon's original name that you want it to be reset to mustn't include brackets, such as 'Flabebe (Blue)', as that is against nickname rules.
  14. tipsyturtle

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Happy 10th anniversary! Here's to 10 more
  15. tipsyturtle

    Unanswered Account

    If the email address you are checking is indeed the correct email, be sure to check the spam/junk folders as it might appear there.