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  1. You have to reach the Alola/Galar region in sidequests to find Alolan/Galarian Pokemon respectively
  2. Honestly surprised this didn't come with the implementation of trade offers At first I thought starting price wouldn't matter since if someone is going to pay x amount, they'll pay x amount, but this makes sense for items/Pokemon that people absolutely don't want to sell for below 100m pd. There might be a reason why a 100m cap exists in the first place but I can't think of a good one myself right now. Maybe things selling for above 100m pd wasn't expected when Pokebay was first made? Feel like it'd maybe be superfluous with #clan-recruitment already existing. I
  3. Let’s say that, hypothetically, you really did have unlimited breadsticks. Now, since they are unlimited, that means that you will never run out. However, on Earth there is a limited supply of the materials required to make breadsticks. Thus, if I were to attempt to eat as many breadsticks as possible, I would not be able to as eventually you would sell out, am I correct? Now that we have established that there are infinite breadsticks but finite supplies to make them, would it not be reasonable to conclude that you are either breaking the laws of physics, or are lying to me? And since one cannot break the laws of physics, logically you must be lying to me. Facts don’t care about your feelings liberals, you have committed the crime of false advertising and must give me free food or I will inform the authorities.

  4. They changed the prize pool, yeah. What's on the wiki right now is accurate.
  5. I've been working on this with some others until the Wiki gets updated. It's still a WIP but hopefully it helps you until then.
  6. Random idea I had when seeing someone with 20+ pages of items on Pokebay and thinking about the hassle it'd be to relist those items. Crappy mock-up: Pros: automatically relist unsold auctions until they are sold or taken down and remove the hassle of going through each item to relist could provide strong motivation to buy a premium membership if it were added alongside the other auction-related benefits Cons: people listing a tonne of random items on Pokebay not having to worry about relisting, consequently clogging the market a relisting cap kinda rem
  7. Waddup gamers. I've been working on a spreadsheet to help with encounters since they've changed with V5's live map. You can access it here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ev0vfL99DmaBI9vrFZ9G37v4qBAgsTEnBkTw2oboCL0/edit#gid=1087887082 If you know that a Pokemon exists somewhere and want to help, please take a screenshot with the map, encounter, and your player sprite in view for evidence. If you can't do this, don't worry, I just won't add it immediately to the sheet. I'll keep it in mind and cross-check with myself or with others. Formatting it something like t
  8. Choosing Vileplume as Gloom's evolution evolves it into Bellossom while choosing Bellossom evolves it into Vileplume. pls fix gois, I lost 2 shiny glooms to bellossom while trying to get a shiny vileplume thinking I misclicked lmao mfw that happened
  9. Completing Gyms from Alola/Galar only make you eligible to find legendaries from those regions. To find the Alolan or Galarian forms of Pokemon, you have to be at Alola or Galar in Sidequests.
  10. To catch the newly added Pokemon from Generation 8, you'll have to play on the new live map. Doing the league battles won't allow this. In fact, the only Galar-based battles that change anything are the Gyms you fight within the new map, which, when completed, let you find legendary Pokemon such as Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus in the wild. Again, this only applies to the new map. The old/legacy maps do not have any Generation 8 Pokemon, and from what I've heard, might be removed from the game entirely. It's unfortunate that your device has trouble running the new map. It's newly relea
  11. YES. Even if not, it still makes too much sense to put Valentine's Day Pokemon like Furfrou (Heart) into Love Balls
  12. Besides the information above regarding the seasonal leaderboard rewards, no, there are currently no other in-game rewards for placing a specific rank within any other leaderboard.
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