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  1. False Swipe would be nice. Regarding this, you can just refresh your page during a battle and it'll take you back to the Pokemon selection screen so that you can essentially change the Pokemon you were using. Bit of a workaround but yeah.
  2. I really like the leaderboard idea for Pokémon, but it reminded me of an answer a while back: Maybe things are different now, but yeah Quiz stuff is a given :’)
  3. Hey flay, Thank you so much for the very informative response, I appreciate it a tonne. For now, I've taken this information and found a simple browser extension that is able to control the framerates of each tab I'm on so that I don't have to experience anything below 144 fps on different sites/apps (which is what other methods caused). It's called 'FPS Control' and it works as you'd expect. It would be really nice if it was possible to somehow hack a method in so that I don't have to use another browser extension for this, but I understand that it might be difficult to do
  4. I have a 144Hz monitor so the game runs at 144 fps for me. I don't need it to run at that level because usually I'm doing something else on the side as I play the game. Introducing different levels of FPS caps (eg. 30, 60, 120, Max) can help ease unnecessary strain on our system's resources. CPU usage when map searching during the current Christmas event (high settings): CPU usage when map searching during the current Christmas event (high settings) with the refresh rate of my monitor changed to 30Hz through the Settings app: Uhhh yes plz an
  5. Your mystic Snorunt is a male. To evolve it into Froslass, it has to be female.
  6. Dark, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ice, Rock, Steel, Unknown, and Water have been released. Bug, Fire, Flying, Ghost, Ground, Poison, and Psychic have NOT been released yet.
  7. I spot another Junimo lover!! I think this game is trying to go for the long haul with the living dex method. If it worked like the real games, it would just be too easy to trade around with others and complete the Pokedex within a week or two. Personally, I like the aspect of having to complete your own living dex because though it's difficult to try and collect everything, it feels very accomplishing. The only thing that sucks is unobtainable past events that are sometimes impossible to get as your own OT, especially if you're an OT collector. These sound reall
  8. I agree that you shouldn't be banned over swearing. However, you yourself said that you had multiple warnings yet you continued. This should've warranted a kick over a ban. It's not that the Discord is too sensitive, it's that there are kids that play this game and it's generally just safer to minimize swearing. Maybe it was a temporary ban? It's not donating if you're getting something in return lmao
  9. Screenshot for reference: lol looking back at this post, I just realised the entire sentence is wrong. It should be "Select an auction type above that you would like to create."
  10. If you read the intro, you can see that it mentions day/night tabs that help you navigate the sheet. They'll look like this: If you're on desktop, the tabs should be at the bottom of your screen. I think on mobile they might appear at the top of your screen.
  11. Zapdos can be found on the bottom floor of the abandoned powerplant within Upper Steelmouth. Blackstock's Toll doesn't have any encounters, SERGRYSGF was mistaken.
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