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  1. LewisThe1st

    Answered Big question

    If i evolve my pichew (christmas) will he/she evolve into a pikachew (christmas) or will he/she lose the (christmas) title?
  2. LewisThe1st

    Unanswered Really PokEbay

    Right blame me i aint the only person complaining about this game since the new update dropped
  3. LewisThe1st

    Unanswered Really PokEbay

    I was bidding on a 12hour egg and it ended at 12:05 when i was waiting for the snipe the auction ended at 12:03 like seriously this game has had some serious issues since this event dropped
  4. LewisThe1st

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Same its the 5th where is the egg hatchery!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Does anyone know what time the event starts i know the 5th but what time? Also do i need an event ticked?
  6. LewisThe1st

    Christmas Hatchathon


    Are you garanteed an egg every day?
  7. LewisThe1st

    Answered Arceus??

    Could someone let me know how to find Arceus ? Really need a few more and i dont want to keep spending my cash on them as they can get expensive
  8. LewisThe1st

    Giveaway Floette (Eternal) Giveaway!!!

    LewisThe1st Time stone Go back in time and meet Stan Lee when he was young Doctor Strange