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  1. Wow I’m 300th in the UK

  2. Did you just create your account? It’s never like too late to start over (I’m not saying that you should start over) If you want to start over, then I recommend training immunes like Zubat or Beldum to help gain Pokédollars (for the first time you train them, it’s around 20k Pokédollars but then less as they increase levels) Anyways that was one tip if you do want to start over.
  3. So let’s say in a battle, my Dark Scraggy (male) got confused, and accidentally hurt himself, isn’t it suppose to say, ‘Your Dark Scraggy hurt himself’ rather than say he got hurt itself? Because the Scraggy is a male, not an ‘it’. Same goes for females. If a Pokémon had no gender like Metagross, then it would make sense for the game to say ‘Your Metagross hurt itself’ Anyways, this is what I found rude in a way, even though Pokémon are not real but still... Thanks for reading this, have a nice day.
  4. Bruh it was an inside job it’s in the forums
  5. See now we're on your profile. See the difference? 

    No history of reactions, pls tell me you see that, cause otherwise you might need to see an eye doctor

  6. Is there a block button on forums?

  7. I know this isn’t the place to report spam So I don’t know what I’ve done but this guy Neon_Panther keeps spamming T-rubbishes on my profile along with another account, Mr_chemicals (I think) for some reason. Please make him stop it’s really annoying me and I’ve had enough. All I said is that his rates were too expensive and that was about it until he became rude to me.
  8. Stop misusing the reaction system 

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    2. Neon_Panther


      what am i doing wrong? can't i even react to stuff that people put on my profile?

      We can move this to your profile if you'd like 👍

    3. HyperPanther


      It dosnt work like that lol

    4. Eeveecuteness_Rise


      reaction is to react on people ideas or feedbacks not to attack people

  9. Bro I’m just saying it’s way too overpriced. When did u even start the game??? I mean cmon let’s be real, 5M for a shiny legend???
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