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  1. wtf is wrong with his rep

    1. eeveecuteness


      He has a lot of t rubbish 

  2. Don’t go man

    1. HyperPanther


      I don’t even have time to play now school has started

  3. I guess this is goodbye…


    This game has made me so much more confident in myself. I originally started playing this game through school as it was only me and my mates playing for fun. But they of course, stopped playing this game- as well as me. I came back to this game towards the end of March 2021 and decided to look through forums and made friends. It’s funny how the first few people I met was, Cap, Red and Food. These 3 are my inspirations and they made me stay here in PV for longer than I expected. This was because of their kindness. As well as more people like eeveecuteness, LicketySplit and of course dades (jokeman my g)

    It’s been great being here and I very much loved it, the game and the community.


    Thank you Vortex ❤️
    (P.S. I may be coming back but let’s see)


    HyperPanther out ✌️

  4. I have confirmed that I will be leaving soon.

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    2. HyperPanther


      Pokemon go code 0254 2252 5237

    3. red_wolf_


      ll add you on both my accounts

    4. mynamedurkslurp

  6. Check ur trade history. If nothing is there then u were probably hacked
  7. Or you can just go to whatever you want to go normally and not be lazy.
  8. IGN HyperPanther it’s been so long... I still remember the day u were banned. lmao
  9. Lmaoo he put it there cuz there IS no sword OR shield. He used it as and example lmao people these days
  10. I just can’t be asked to play Vortex anymore

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    2. HyperPanther


      Ur just full of ****

    3. HyperPanther


      We all can see why u have 1 follower (which is ur self) and 1 rep (which is basically 33 and counting trubbishes)

    4. mynamedurkslurp


      fam chill he's not worth your time and energy he prob lives in his moms basement :)  

  11. Umm I think you missed the point here, this is a browser-based game not a game made by The Pokémon Company. How are you going to fit any of this in here . Let’s be real, interacting with your Pokémon?in the actual game yes, here? A big no. The throwing thing? in the actual game yes but yet again, here? No. I’m not being rude or anything but you're basically missing the WHOLE point about this game. It’s a flipping browser-based game! Not the actual game where you are completely 3D!
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