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    General Event tickets help

    how do i parisipate in events and seasons or whatever?
  2. gemskingZZZ

    Christmas Hatchathon


    how to get cristmas diglet and cristmas pichu from? maps? sidequests? eggs? What?
  3. gemskingZZZ

    Answered Sleep powder

    yes sleep powder works on any pokemon but if they dodge the attack then its useless but if souse it again and for sure it will put the opposing pokemon to sleep
  4. gemskingZZZ

    General Event tickets help

    Hello stranger! i found a problem with event tickets. so I’ve been a active player for 2 years and haven’t got a event ticket ever and with my daily rearward I got a 1 HR egg and need a event tickets I read the QnA but I never got one for being active so can somebody give me advice to get one faster