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  1. how about pikachu libre for arceus steel
  2. So, here is my story. I hadn't played in 2 years and i start playing the game This guy added (pokebro83) me and acted like he was talking to me and then he asks for my shiny mewtwo armor, and i didn't know that it was worth a lot. So, i asked him how much it was worth and he said about a million pokedollars and since it was shiny about 1.5 million pokedollars for a shiny mewtwo armor. but we had traded the pokemon 1 shiny mewtwo armor for a and a . And i belived him because he said he knows all about this game. So, i did the trade and right after i did the trade he blocke
  3. How much do i have to pay for 1,000,000 xp and i will also throw in an arceus
  4. Can you get a pokemon of mine to a million xp. Money dosen't matter i will pay you a good amount
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