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    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Life1421 Don't have one yet
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    Giveaway Drakrai giveaway

    Life1421 fav pokemon floette eternal
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    Event Next Wanted Event!

    What About an Ash Greninja event?
  4. Missed Kartana because I didn't have a beast ball.
  5. Life1421

    Answered Shadow Christmas Pokemon

    For shadow Christmas Pokemon, why not make the hat the shadow part?Like a black Santa hat but not the pokemon itself.
  6. Life1421

    Answered Where Is Ash-Greninja?

    So, using my smart detective skills, i looked at the kalos pokedex on the wiki and found out that there was a Ash Greninja in the pokedex. However in the in-game pokedex it does not show. In addition, I can not evolve my Greninja into Ash Greninja. I think it will be an event but i'm not sure.
  7. Life1421

    Answered What Can You Get From Eggs?

    Thank You!
  8. Life1421

    Answered What Can You Get From Eggs?

    Sometimes you might get rare pokes but which ones?