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  1. IGN - Hogmortar Always loved the world of pokemon and this brings everything into and easy to play way where I can just turn my computer on or hop on my phone and play. I love meeting new people and love getting called a noob. Congrats on the 3 years sir!
  2. Hey all, I'm currently offering pokedollers in exchange for exp training AND also for high exp pokes you have trained already. Offering between $1,000,000 - $1,500,000 per 1,000,000 in experience in training. The amount I offer depend on how fast you get the exp trained. Message me in-game or PM me. IGN - hogmortar
  3. Sorry, but at the moment we don't do such small jobs. We'd probably say 500k in our minimum and we're not interested in legendaries. I'm sure there are people who will train it for you though.
  4. Like he said, he wants "various goodies like money, pokemon etc." He also gets some PD while training the poke aswell.
  5. How many can you give me in exchange for 1m exp training?
  6. Sorry for the lack of response guys, we took a break from the game. We're back in and in full swing. We'll revive this once we've got the job we've got out of the way! 200-300k Really not worth much to us. If it's unique it's a whole different story! It's gone, sorry. Would love to mate but I barely have many pokes ourselves. Sorry, we don't do heart jobs.
  7. I don't do heart jobs because they're often for pokemon that don't have allocated training accounts. For just the I could do 250k exp if it's normal and 1-2.5m exp for depending on the type.
  8. Send me a message in game and we can chat from there
  9. As of now I have a 3m poke (still training) and a 1m poke
  10. I can train exp for you are train one of my pokes to the exp you want
  11. By value do you mean the value of the poke it's on?
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