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  1. Not mewtwo choose something else
  2. for anything in my box except Mewtwo and Shiny Groudon and Rayquaza
  3. Yes you cant find it coz you tried to do Inspect Element and You cant catch a Legendary without completing the gyms and other stuff there is NO WAY to By pass those requirements. So even Inspect Element can't give any difference
  4. Bro its such a Bad Trade not worth it trust me
  5. Dont Trade with @Bale2001 he talks trash about you

  6. @PatrickPlz do something he asked me for trading and I said no to him and he talked bad about my parents and me also I was just trading and he called me bad names I was just playing the game Here are the screenshots: https://snipboard.io/ymaR4D.jpg https://snipboard.io/U3prfP.jpg https://snipboard.io/NC3BuQ.jpg https://snipboard.io/ux6FAS.jpg Plz do something about him and he also blocked me too Ign: Bale2001 and @Bale2001 and to escape this situation he tried to blame it on his sibling after I told i have reported him
  7. for anything in my pokemon box
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