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    Universal Guilty's Shop

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    Universal Guilty's Shop

  3. PokemonVortex15

    Universal Guilty's Shop

    What legendarys can i get with regirock level 5 ':)
  4. PokemonVortex15

    Universal Pokemon Hunting service

    Hey man can you hunt me some My IGN is PokemonVortex15
  5. PokemonVortex15

    Universal Have some rares, Shiny rotoms, primal Groudon

    I'm giving a Level 5 Regirock I would like a Primal Groudon (insert undertale reference here) Birds are singing, The sun is out, kids are playing, On days like these.... Kids like you... SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL (Cue megalovania song DUDUDHDHUDUHNUHDD) Lol Oh yeah my IGN is PokemonVortex15
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    Universal Kittykats Legendary Shop

    I got lvl 5 Regirock what can you get me please my ign is PokemonVortex15