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  1. How do you have a shadow shiny? Can't a Pokemon only be one variant?
  2. I have a question about bounty hunting, I just friend requested you. My timezone is US-Western tho so it'll probably be a while before you see it.
  3. You could also make a random item from list generator at random.org and enter everyone who participated. IGN: That1Dragonarian
  4. Me too, I actually caught regular Giratina yesterday XD
  5. PV IGN: That1Dragonarian PS IGN: cosmichurricanelol Status: Finished making a team!
  6. IGN: That1Dragonarian I used to have a Darkrown but I traded it away XD
  7. Ah, it seems that that is an automatic function.
  8. PM (private message (I don't know how to do the thing where you hide ign's meaning until I put my cursor over it)) me when you've offered Entei, I'll put Suicune up for trade right now. (IGN: That1Dragonarian) Nvm, just saw "it's on trade" lol. Taking Suicune off to offer it.
  9. Rayquaza can be found on Route 21 at night. Also, could you please hunt Shiny Giratina (on Route 9 at night)? I too have a surprise Pokemon for you in return.
  10. (...never mind, they cost a TON.)
  11. Thanks! (buys a ton of Mystery Boxes)
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