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  1. Universal

    Trading me
  2. Discussion

    Nice idea @eurstin
  3. Universal

    Can u hunt me Shiny Rayquaza Shiny Mewtwo .....just tell me wat do u want fr it thou
  4. When u finally catch Mystic Dratinilvl 5 and IT'S A MALE .....COME ON!!!

    1. yogeshfederer


      same case for me bro

  5. Events

    Your for My
  6. Legendaries

    Thats too much i think 5 is fair Do u have a shiny zygarde ?
  7. Legendaries

    Every thing is fine except Latios and Latias Shiny those are high value legends wat I want is u either add a shiny Dialga or Shiny ray to wat ur offering or remove em and choose something else. Yea sure I have some and yea ill catch some more and gather in one account ok ? And these are not all I have lots more just haven't had the time to finish the list and do tell ur rates.
  8. Legendaries

    Ok , i need some of those well go one by one tell me the ones u need seth? No thx
  9. Introduction: For those who know me well and good for those who dont let me introduce myself, hey guys my name is Scheryar and i ve playing vortex for 5 years now i joined the community late in v2, the purpose of creating this thread is to complete my legendary dex by trading my spare extra legends. Account Is 'event-collector'. Rules: All global and forum rules apply. No foul / vulgar language is permitted. Keep the salt else where as well as the fighting. A no is a no although you can propose a counter offer. Advertising your own merchandise on my thread is not allowed and trading with others is not permmited AT ALL. No stupid offers please they will simply be "IGNORED". What I am Trading: What I Am Looking For : (Work in progress) Thanks For Visiting
  10. After 3 day FINALLLY FOUND A Mystic Pichu

  11. Giveaway

    Ign:- Legend_collector no cosmogs yet
  12. Have Mystic Pichubecome an ultra rare poke? I swear i have come across every type of pichu except mystic ..... so annoyed and i didnt even skip any!!   

    1. Haisum Arif Sheikh

      Haisum Arif Sheikh

      exactly, I've found every legendary pokemon, name it and I've it now but I can't even see this 5th mission pokemon, rare becoming common while common are getting hard to find in the event -_-

  13. until

    Avoid triple posting @aarya2005...... @Uncle_Psychic pls fix it
  14. Should i accept this offer on my Shiny Arceus (Fairy)which is Shadow Mewtwo (Armor).....Shiny Arceus (Electric)......Shadow Zygarde (Complete)?? Reply quick please ^^ its an electric?

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    2. Scheryar Saqib

      Scheryar Saqib

      @surana57... The person offered me that only first i declined then he added the events .... @hhh123 its legend_collector..

    3. hhh123


      nice pokes nd ill pm u just a sec

    4. bilal.anwar
  15. Digital

    Looks Really Cool if its convienient could you make me one?