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  1. nops....i just forgot to close it thx fr reminding @Uncle_Psychic @sportsandmusic69 close it please.
  2. Giveaway

    ign: Scheryar
  3. Universal

    Those are quite old now i first used these on my exp thread a long time , if you want the link to the page i can send you
  4. Universal

    Ok watever ....
  5. Universal

    No i didnt maybe you can state them here fr me
  6. Universal

    Ur for what?
  7. Events

    Woah wat were u trying to say bro??
  8. Events

    So ur offer fr it?
  9. Events

    Is that a joke?
  10. Events

    My fr your
  11. Answered

    Your account must ve been banned by patrick because you were botting..
  12. Mobile

    @demonstriker just search the name it has 8 thousand trophies on the top u can see my name hopefully ull find it now
  13. Events

    Sorry but i think discord is not wrking and yea i dont go on discord anymore
  14. Mobile

    Enjoyed every minute of it , you play decent as well
  15. Mobile

    Im joining my ign in clash royale is Scheryar