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  1. Map 14 You (or at least I) can't go south from this position. Already checked, but there is no block on the other side which would block me for going. Just a little bug, that's all. <3
  2. xSnowLeopardx

    Report SUJIN123 Asking for passwords

    He did the same to me. Asked my account for 20m (which is very weird tbh). Same user.
  3. xSnowLeopardx

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Mewtwo NEXT (Armor)
  4. xSnowLeopardx

    Tiny spelling mistake

    Boxs -> Boxes
  5. xSnowLeopardx

    Genesect Genesis v1


  6. It would be nice as a reminder to have a notification for things you sell. The only way you really know if you sold something is to look in the "Sold" tab in Pokebay. With a notification, it will remind you what you sold, and will give a kind of nice feeling after selling something!
  7. ~~Feeling adventurous~~

  8. Just a quick little bug report (I don't know if this has been posted already though). Most of the boxes are not to be walked on; they are for decoration I suppose. There are a few boxes though where you can walk on. Maybe someone can fix/change this to be consistent. Again, nothing big or extreme. (: <3
  9. xSnowLeopardx

    Run, Therian, run!


  10. xSnowLeopardx

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

  11. xSnowLeopardx

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

    I'm just going to answer the question then.. Who is the current owner of the game (v4)? Patrick
  12. Looking for unique Resolutes! :D

  13. enjoying the Keldeo event



    1. Patrick


      I sense sarcasm :ph34r:

    2. xSnowLeopardx


      No sarcasm this time haha, I really like it so far. The lack of uniques is meh, but besides that :P

  14. xSnowLeopardx

    General I dream about the quiz

    It's not weird bro. I never had such dreams, but it can happen. Your mind makes up dreams out of the most random things it remembered of the day before. The most little things, the smallest details of little events of the day or things you did not even notice, can brew in your dreams. Never had a quiz dream, but had a lot of dreams "like" yours.
  15. I don't know if this has already been addressed, but I think it would be very nice to just look for the nicknames in the "View All Your Pokémon" page. For example: Poezel will find: Shadow Litten.