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  1. Can't rares, ultra beasts, legendaries/mystical pokémon have different colored names in game? Or sparkles or something.. Like the donater name. It would be a perfect way to add more personalization to the game. Example: - Wild Pikachu appeared (right now) or - Wild Pikachu appeared (green for rares) - Wild Mewtwo appeared (blue for legendaries) - Wild Necrozma appreared (gold for ultra beasts)
  2. xSnowLeopardx

    Idea "Buy Now" price in the pokebay

    I actually like this idea!
  3. xSnowLeopardx

    Error 404 error after a wild battle

    Ah okay, thanks for the answer!
  4. Whenever I go to "Your Pokémon" after a wild battle, a 404 page comes up. If I remove "wildbattle" from that url, it redirects perfectly. Is this already mentioned? I don't know why it's happening.
  5. xSnowLeopardx

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I'm looking for the shiny: , or Also shiny: , And normal: Xerneas I have lots of legendaries: xSnowLeopardx