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  1. Well hello there Pokémon Vortex Forums, I was bored, so I decided to take a look at my avatars. There I noticed Sylveon. Great avatar, right? Yeah of course! But, what if you owned its shiny version? (; So normal: and my shiny take: Why Sylveon? Let me look: It's a very nice shiny. Why not make Sylveon lovers and avatar owners even more happy? While other gens have shiny avatars, gen 6 does not (yet). If someone is interested in more shiny avatar sprites, let me know. I am more than happy to help!
  2. Hi y'all, Was wondering about the following: You know what could be cool? A Pokémon Vortex Pro game mode, where you can only obtain normals and shinies, but shinies are 1 in 450 like in Pogo, and you have events like raid events. Ofcourse the 1/x does not matter too much, but it's too easy getting "a unique" in this game. Would love to see a hard/pro mode. One where all you can find are normals, and you really get excited when you encounter a shiny Pokémon. The raid thingy, and ofcourse the 1/450, is straight outta PoGo, but I think it adds a la
  3. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy Birthday!

  4. Hey guys, I traded my Unknown for exp training. I should have done it with only trustworthy people, I know... Scammer IGN: Charizard97 Scammer Discord: it was Kévìn but now it's Quit and not in the server anymore. My Pokémon ID of the Pokémon is: 0026324075 It's still in his account, in his party, first slot. Next URL has got 3 images, 2 of which are the messages I had with the scammed, and the last image is my stolen Unknown in bot commands. https://imgur.com/a/qI0DOLe I hope there is something to be done here! I hate this situation so mu
  5. xSnowLeopardx

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  6. Hey guys! I was looking at my card while in #bot-commands, and thought about my background of my card. I wanted something new, but choosing a still image every time isn't that exciting. So... It would be cool to give Premium users one more perk; the option to use a gif for their background. You can still choose a 400x300 size, but the bot can resize it as well. This way the Premium users will have something new and refreshing, without giving too much and making the difference between normal users and Premium users too big. Someth
  7. Bottom line: you are making assumptions based off their in-game time and little progress, while knowing nothing about those people. It's not fair to remove those accounts. It will be better for their experience with Vortex if they come back after, let's say 5 years, and they can still play with their account. If they don't come back after 5 years, maybe they will after 6 or 7 years. Who knows? I came back after 3 years to play, and I was so happy I could use my account.
  8. A dude traded his shiny Necrozma to me for my 3 exp promos. I had the poke in my box, I saw it. Then.. It glitched back to his trade offer like I did not even offer, and someone else got it now, and I lost my 3 codes. Is there something to be done? I have proof on my account and my trading history that I did not give the Necrozma away again. It just went poof and to the owner again, and after that another person offered 3 arc forms, but the owner did not know it was my Necrozma, so he accepted it. Poke ID: #0021825250 Person I traded the codes with: ARSLAN on discord.
  9. Map 14 You (or at least I) can't go south from this position. Already checked, but there is no block on the other side which would block me for going. Just a little bug, that's all. <3
  10. He did the same to me. Asked my account for 20m (which is very weird tbh). Same user.
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