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  1. thanks for ur time. are there any new legendaries that are below lvl 50 that i have to look out for on the maps?
  2. what is bidding spirit? This idea will defnitely improve the bidding situation where a seller is able to sell his products instantly if it doesn't sell instantly, then there will be bidding
  3. i miss v2 lol. is that wierd?
  4. most people wont buy with the buy now price. it all depends on the seller. if a seller puts 1,000,000 buy now on a master ball, will you anyone buy it? this way the servers will have lesser load too. Bidding definitely will not go extinct. FIFA players will understand this better
  5. How about implementing a "Buy Now" option in the poke bay. if someone wants to sell the item instantly, this would be useful. lets say i want to auction my arceus off. i will put the start price as 50,000 and buy now price 1,000,000 someone can buy it for a million without the wait time. If any one is familiar with the FIFA market, this option is pretty useful
  6. Hi Guys, I haven't played this game since a long time. I have a few newbie questions. -How do i get the masterballs now? -Is every legend found on the map? if its a lvl 50 and above pokemon, its a legend? -Where do i find out about new and upcoming event Pokemon? -What is the best way to get EXP now? training accounts? -Do battle facilities and special battles give more exp? Thanks in advance
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