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  1. Looking for shiny volcanion code, shiny/mystic/dark/metallic complete codes and bunch of deoxys form codes. Offering PD Message me on discord or in game @DementedAlbatross
  2. I as well personally like Y better then X. But do what you want to do. Or just do them both.
  3. I agree with these suggestions. Timer is nice not only for auctions, but some new pokes can only be evolved from 17-17:59 if I think I remember correctly. Then full hands in agree with removing the 10 second wait period from battle to battle. Whether it’s 6-8 seconds. And it’s not like everyone in game is an exp grinder. Some would prefer to search and get every single poke over exp since some people don’t have the patience to train exp manually.
  4. Looking for a trainer. Trading arceus forms for the training. And it is cheap training as well. Just tell me your offer for what/how many forms you want. But be real with the offers not like a mil. That will not happen. But the pokes will be trained with my OT pokes. Message me in game as well...
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