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  1. congrats on your 3 years.. ign:juststartagain. thx that its a free to play game XD
  2. IGN: juststartagain. Congrats on the 2 years
  3. @Patrick I want to know that can you tell me the usernames of all existing accounts associated with my email if yes then my email is muhammadsumbal@hotmail.com... would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  4. can anyone tell how the point system works? what is the fastest way to increase points?
  5. muhammadsumbal@hotmail.com @Patrick can u do something plz. thanks.
  6. Can i get to know all accounts created with the my email. or is is not possible.
  7. Been searching for 6 hours now only found 1 legendary. Is this normal or is my luck just hot trash.
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