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  1. rotoms5


    I liked your shiny arceus fairy and I would be very lucky to have it in my main 6 And thanks!!!!! Ign : rotoms5
  2. rotoms5

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading my dark arceus electric for unique arceus electric.
  3. rotoms5

    Event Next Wanted Event!

    Hoopa event or meltan event
  4. rotoms5

    Answered Database Connection Failed

    We cannot help you now because complete vortex is under down for maintenance and no one can login their accounts
  5. rotoms5

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading my mystic Arceus fairy for shiny hoopa unbound or unique arceus unknown If anyone have they can msg me
  6. rotoms5

    Answered Database Connection Failed

    Even I cannot open it but I don't know what happened exactly????
  7. Ign: rotoms5 Thank you
  8. rotoms5

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    Congratulations on your successful three years of Pokemon vortex 1) ign : rotoms5 2) actually from my childhood I love Pokemons and when I play this game I will get in touch with many people around the world. When I play this game, I usually gets relaxed, when ever I'll be angry by playing this game I'll get more patience. While playing this game, mainly while searching in maps we need to have more focus on it otherwise our struggle would go in vain. We can understand each other and ourselves how focussed we can be. While doing a battle, we need to have an idea how to fight and which attack to use to defeat the opponent.
  9. rotoms5

    Contest 2 Years Giveaway by fodn

    Hey bro!!! Congratulations for your two years of Pokemon vortex Hope you have enjoyed it And it's too kind of you about this Ign : rotoms5