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  1. Check my profile. Ign: rotoms5. Msg me in game if anything interested
  2. rotoms5

    Answered clan

    Oof. Pat may help u mystic
  3. Hey, Patrick, I thought there would be some good login reward on this new year. But I was wrong. Is there any chance of bringing any event today????

    1. waybig


      But I was wrong.

  4. I hate these kind of people. Why will they even create these topics if they are scammers. Thanks for intimating anyways
  5. This giveaway already ended sir. Better try next time.
  6. It's jus based on luck. Few get it easily and few take very much time to find one. I usually search them rarely. I found one on first day and I missed it. From the next day I'm unable to find even a single. It's all luck. We can jus try our best. Or else we can buy or trade them from others.
  7. It's on ice maps 22 and 23 maps
  8. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    I mean when the event got started, we didn't have any information about one (0) and unown (1). Later as time passes, we understood the real event, and it was more difficult to find any one unown during that time than any other event. But after the next update in may, those unowns were comparatively easy than before. Hope u understood me now.
  9. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Nice thought but I need some thing more. If it will be like unown (0) or (1) then I should search again in maps. I think after the event also we can't get placeholders same like unown part 1 event. No one knew where they were available in which maps. They were rare and after may month update they got released in maps more like other alola pokes
  10. rotoms5

    Into the Unown Pt. 2


    Pat atleast keep something on new year day
  11. Or else u should train my shiny giratina having 1m exp already to 4m exp. I offer same price as I told. (1m exp 1m pd). Msg me in game ign: rotoms5
  12. Hey, jus tag me when it is opened again , u should train 3m exp for me on my shadow furfrou pharoah. I offer 1m pd for 1m exp. So totally 3m pd. Hope u get me
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