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  1. rotoms5

    Universal Looking for Events and Rares

    How much do u offer????? My ign:rotoms5 I'm willing to trade
  2. rotoms5

    Unanswered can you gift mystery boxes to someone else?

    But there is no code for 1 box. His friend wanted to gift him 1 box. I think his friend can open that box and give the items which he received to him.
  3. rotoms5

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Mewtwo (unbound) Mewtwo (monel metal) Mewtwo (space) Mewtwo (marvel) Mewtwo (retaliation) Mewtwo (ultra) Ash Mewtwo Mewtwo (avenger)
  4. rotoms5

    Unanswered can you gift mystery boxes to someone else?

    If he wants to give then, he can give you the code and u can redeem it with no difficulty.
  5. rotoms5

    Report schwull

    Patrick has already warned about trading promo codes. And how did you think that he will give shiny electric for a shadow arceus. That's over pay. First u find value of something before trying to trade using both commands in discord. U can put screenshots so that admins can view it.
  6. rotoms5

    Universal Looking Amaura

    I have aurorus. What can u offer for that
  7. rotoms5

    Uniques Looking for Pikachu cosplay forms

    I have a normal cosplay set if u want I can sell it. As a set or an individual
  8. rotoms5

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign: rotoms5 Won 1 from here and expecting one more
  9. What is store credit????
  10. rotoms5

    Answered ALOLAN Pokemons

    First u need to finish other sidequests till Kalos region and after that if u start alolan sidequests then u can encounter all alolan Pokemons in all forms (mystic,shiny, metallic,etc) U can even evolve few pokes like cubone into marowak alolan , execute into executor alolan only when u started alolan sidequests. Hope u get me
  11. rotoms5

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Vitol, I don't think the lottery is fair at all. It is only for luckiest people. What about common people. Instead of releasing this, if they could release other event, it would be nice. What do u say
  12. rotoms5

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Selling burn drives for pd (3 drives) Ign: rotoms5
  13. rotoms5

    Both Achievement Unlocked Prize Pokemon

    I don't think so because as csaipraneeth completed his shadow Dex, he received a gift,i.e., mystic Arceus dragon from Patrick. But unique pory forms are obtained in auctions for 20-25m pd
  14. rotoms5

    Genesect Genesis v1


    Will this event be extended for other genesect forms next month?????!