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  1. Let me tell u one thing I'm dark collector and won't sell or trade my dark pokes. Also my ots are not for trade. Only non ots are for sale
  2. Mention the name since few shiny legendaries are worth more (like shiny groudon,kyogre) and few are less (like azelf,mesprit,etc). For more info check my account ign: rotoms5
  3. @ronakcena512 firstly I want to tell u that mr rime is no longer an event poke. U can easily get it now since galar pokes are released in game. Btw I want . What u want for it.
  4. Night time is from 7pm to 7am your time zone time.
  5. @tazzer unown (1) is not an event. It is a rare poke. Search in cave land maps to find them. U can find them at any time
  6. I am also looking for it. Huh. @chris can u help me??
  7. Did u share your password with anyone or is your password that easy to guess? Either of the above cases would make u lose your account
  8. Before migration I guess. I can't find it now
  9. rotoms5

    General V5 Map

    Unown cave I guess u can only find unowns.
  10. I feel both maps should be simultaneously. Coz in legacy maps we find necrozma(hard to find tho) And in live maps we find galar legendaries and many rates of other regions.
  11. Route 21, day:. Trumbeak Route 15,night: glailie @chris
  12. That's doesn't make sense. Think in real life u won a lottery of real money. I'm sure u will participate in it next week. And in that way if you are lucky enough, u may win continuously for 4 weeks. Then do you stop participating in lotteries thinking others should win and will u drop out from it? No one would do that (even you and even me). And if u are lucky enough then even u can win lottery with a single ticket. Even many people in this game won with less than 5 tickets in lotteries. It jus depends on luck. And if u feel your luck favours then u can invest more money in it and may win.
  13. U may force or not it's another issue. But u didn't mention exact details about the event. And few people may take this as an advantage and take unique events easily. And people who lose need to suffer in the end. And end of the day, u will be blamed to start this without giving complete information. It's after all your wish and participants wish. And I don't know who else join this contest and lose their precious pokes . Normal event it may be fine but unique event for the contest is jus waste.
  14. It doesn't seem really nice. Coz some person may have shiny volcanion or shiny zygarde (complete) and if he loses and other person asks for it, then will he give him that poke? That can't really happen. I would like to suggest @Babby246 to make sure about those events are normal or unique. Coz all won't agree to give their precious events (uniques) for the contest
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