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  1. rotoms5

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign:rotoms5 I have won one from here and expecting other
  2. That's nice idea. Hope the admins would follow it
  3. rotoms5

    General want to win $1million?

    Thank you
  4. rotoms5

    General want to win $1million?

    Ign: rotoms5 I want money because I'm in great need of it. I wanted to evolve my shiny metagross into metagross mega but I don't have money to buy that in auctions as it is around 900,000 Thanks for the giveaway Hope I win this and evolve it
  5. rotoms5

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Hourly furfrou dandy?????
  6. rotoms5

    Giveaway Easter Giveaway

    I tell that I don't reveal any gossips. But never I controlled a gossip in my tongue. Ign:rotoms5
  7. rotoms5

    Answered Doubt

    From past few days, I have a doubt which can be clarified by the admins (Patrick). Actually I was not active in 2018 and I saw that the changes in mystery boxes were interesting and impressive. I wanted to know whether the changes would repeat every year with same events or different. I'm in need of unique volcanion and I wanted to know if I can get it in mystery boxes in November 2019?????? Pls reply me
  8. rotoms5

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Thank you very much vitol I'm in need of this and this is my first giveaway which I ever won
  9. It's too great of you to organize the giveaway and u and your arceus unknown will be remembered by everyone who participate in the giveaway. Thank you for the giveaway Ign:rotoms5
  10. rotoms5

    Giveaway Normal legendary giveaway

  11. rotoms5

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

    csaipraneeth is the owner of the game
  12. rotoms5

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    Hey!! I think the giveaway is ended. I don't know whether I won or not?
  13. rotoms5

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    Ign : rotoms5 Did not win any cosmog from here and may expect a one
  14. rotoms5


    I liked your shiny arceus fairy and I would be very lucky to have it in my main 6 And thanks!!!!! Ign : rotoms5