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  1. just wait for the days to arrive,even i cant wait
  2. no you cant find them cuz we cant battle the galar reigion still and you cant even unlock
  3. these are the main next ones will be there in no time
  4. hi i know all the legendaries from galar 1.zacian (currently not in game) 2. zamazenta (currently not in game) 3. eternatus (currently not in game)
  5. ign:aditya.s13 if i win i would like the giratina
  6. i would like your think about it because two more people need,it if they offer me better i'll go with them. best of luck
  7. sorry all i just updated is not for giveaway now its for a good trade
  8. well if so give me some hing rare as it took a lot of time to catsh it
  9. congrats you won pls offer any low level normal or flying type pokemon for snorunt on trade
  10. I have a male Lv:7 i would like to have ,and pls add me as friend so we could disscuss
  11. congrats you win,pls offer me any normal or flying Pokemon for my snorunt on trade
  12. i will be giving away snorunts won by TRITRE,won by KALIPO,,,,,,,, , ( NOT FOR GIVE AWAY,THIS ONE IS FOR A GOOD TRADE {won byMr.Starkfromwhoknows }) please list your ign and you will win, also give me a normal of flying Pokemon offer . thank best of luck
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