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  1. ign:aditya.s13 expecting to win or please i wanna win good luck
  2. bro i need and both normal thx ign aitya.s13 paying 25k or more
  3. my ign is aditya .s13 female please need it thx a lot
  4. well as we all know thats these are the options to view our pokemon ALPHABETICAL NUMERICAL EXP (HIGH) EXP (LOW) RECENT CAUGHT well i was thinking if the MODS would add the happiness wise so it will be more easy to see ot train uor pokemon and we will not need to go throught the bundle og pokemon we have please suggest
  5. i am offering i want my ign is aditya.s13 as far as i know its a fair trade cuz both the pokemon are common cool and amazing
  6. well i am interested in the please i need it please don't trade it to anyone my ign is aditya.s13 please DM me as i can't find ya
  7. yow that's total scam bro @Creeperstatic is trying to scam LOL Rolycoly is a common Pokémon it doesn't matter how many are in game I would give a shiny Nikit for that and no more LOL @nik1234 don't trade with him lol he's gonna scam the heck out of you worth: LOL 50k highest price worth : 117k highest price (4 times more than the above) worth : 6mil highest price (100 times better) a better suggestion don't trade with him if you fell bad creeper static pm me in game
  8. sure looks amz aditya.s13 for both
  9. kalipo my faivorate is greninja too the g-max are ood but you cant say that the 3rd one is mega that look like greninja it self but just has huge shurikens LOL um how are these ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYHfb5EjcjE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA5HokIIFbg
  10. i would like to have and ign : aditya.s13
  11. @cursed_charmander12 read ur whole thread you told i won one and you told minees good to
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