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  1. i have a worth a lot if you offer me , and then i can give
  2. ign : aditya.s13 favorite pokemon- necrozma,greninja,shiny greninja favorite food- margarita pizza if i win need normal moltress thx !
  3. thats not you this is you ur good
  4. need so i would need ,here we go wana enter thx ign :aditya.s13
  5. oh sorry guy's the host itself forgot he-he I have many team formats I use, I am using this one for now the others are and ash's kalos team and starters mega's and more thankyou ign:aditya.s13
  6. hi all this is a small thread where you all can show-off your teams also pls dont forget to name ur team and add ur ign thankyou
  7. i want a or a or ( or evolutions ) will offer ,and thanks a lot pls DM ign:aditya.s13
  8. cuz there's only one in game and worth more than millions thankyou
  9. um sorry bro but the starting price for every single avatar in the game is 25,000 PD'S (pokedollars)
  10. as this is a giveaway and trade i want to win wil offer wanting a normal if dont have then i am fine with ant vanient ign : aditya.s13
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