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  1. MEGARayquazaEX

    Run, Therian, run!


    Cool, but i'm new and am not CLOSE to finishing the sidequests
  2. Hi, I'm MEGARayquazaEX, I was wondering if you had a Rayquaza or Cosmog promo code, if you do, message me it. For the Rayquaza promo code i will give you Rayquaza (Mega), for the Cosmog promo code I will give you missingno. Please reply quickly! RayquazaCosmog

  3. I want a code, message me one and those two who can get me one promo for either of em.
  4. Its likely that someone outbid you right before the auction end.
  5. Yes like if someone needs a mega stone but its too expensive on pokebay you could just donate it to him/her. That's my whole point. Btw does anyone have a shiny rayquaza for trade?
  6. I was wondering, if you could make a new update where you can donate items, pokemon, etc. without them having to pay or trade? Please respond
  7. i have a number of pokes to trade, check em out MEGARayquazaEX
  8. Ill train some pokes for you. Pm me at MEGARayquazaEX
  9. I offer Ivysaur for any (NOT SHINY) rayquaza plz!!! You can see im a noob! *CRIES*
  10. I am looking for a low price Rayquaza
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