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  1. This doesn't seem bad at all. although I question why in the first place. To me this sounds cool in a way but how would this work out? Do we need animations for it to make it more authentic or a sound that lets us know about a sudden change? Also I like the creativity on this idea as it would be cool to add these things to the game for future adventures and fun.
  2. I wonder what will take place in this game on December. To be honest I did enjoy last years Christmas event with the pokemon and all of the fun things that were added, yet I wonder what will be in for this year. 796

    1. rotoms5


      Necro forms will be added. And some other poke. It may be a marshadow or zeraora 

    2. Unknown2222


      Oh wow, I do like the idea if it's Marshadow because who doesn't want a good ghost and fighting type pokemon?

    3. iwamineshuu


      I'm low-key hoping they beef up the legendary birds into a new form...cus I really love their design and it's nostalgic, but in-game you rarely see them around.

      ArticunoMoltresZapdos#Bird Lives Matter 

  3. Welp, I just got Discord about a few days ago and now want to join the server to be able to obtain cool prizes from quizzes if possible. Mind if anyone might tell me the discord server, so that I can join the server? (Please and thank you for your help.)

     453 <---- Phrog is here.

    1. Auke1993


      You can join the Discord using this link: https://discord.gg/pokemonvortex

    2. Unknown2222


      You know, since I'm planning to join the sever for the fun of it, I do not have a phone number at all to even join the chats. This is sad......

    3. Auke1993


      That is unfortunate.

  4. Kinda want to change my profile pic or remake my icon for some reason. Maybe someone can give me an idea on what I can improve on my art? 

    793<----- this a jellyfish that's now stinging your thoughts of art. 

  5. Number #15, Burger King Foot Lettuce. The last thing you want in your Burger King burger is somebody's foot fungus, but as it turns out, it might be what you get.......

    Also schools back in for me and I'm back in session of Pokemon Vortex for now, until I'm able to juggle both these things and make a balance with the two.

     001 <---- That's foot lettuce in your Burger King burger. 

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    2. Unknown2222


      @Zerrafell When I mean about "normal food", I mean food like sandwiches, rice, beans, apples, ect; So basically anything that you can think of that exist in this world. 

    3. Zerrafell


      So would you eat meat that had to have come from Pokemon, or would you be vegan or vegetarian?

    4. Unknown2222


      @Zerrafell Well I would eat products like milk or cheese still, since its something some could make. As for the meat, I'm not too sure about the sudden change, so I would become a vegan, to at least show some appreciation for my pokemon. 

  6. Well i may have missed great events and what not on this game but what matters most is that I'm a true player, no matter if I don't own any new Pokemon that just came about. Also I wish to play more often but it's not easy to do with just one phone to share with others, so I do hope I can make it to some events and at least see Pokemon Vortex grow and inspire others to join the game. 

    1. ashgreninjaserina


      I play on mobile too!

  7. So, what have I missed fellow players? Also, how's everyone doing?Xurkitree

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    2. ashgreninjaserina
    3. Unknown2222


      @Just_UniquesNo I wasn't there for the event, it sucks when I have work to do for my fam. Wish I had some help from others to at least make me feel good for the late notice 

    4. Unknown2222


      Also just to say, I'm doing just fine here. I'm still alive for those who think I'm dead or just left for no reason. Happy catching fellow players!

  8. Lol, summer break is just a day away from me and I'm not so sure what to, since I'm might be offline, as I don't have any way to play this game. Kinda wish I had a spare computer to use or had my phone to be able to play it. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. eurstin


      @Tritre In what country does summer break end this month?

    3. fodnbilal


      9 days summer break xD:><:

    4. Unknown2222


      @Tritre What I meant was how summer break just started for me and I don't have a computer or my phone to play the game. At the moment I just use an phone that isn't mine and it's all I have to stay connected to the game and this website. I do hope everyone is doing fine.

  9. You know I was painting doors today and its really hot where I'm from. Wish this pokemon existed Smeargle so I can finish my work as a painter and I wish this one to help cool me down Squirtle

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    2. Unknown2222


      You have a point but if they did exist, I would have them help me out with huge things and play around with them later and give them treats. :P

    3. fodnbilal


      yup true enough.

    4. Nutella Navigator

      Nutella Navigator

      When I was kid, I always had in mind if pokemons existed I wanted a Blaziken.

  10. Q:What did the electric type pokemon said to the normal type, when feeling gassy, after drinking milk? A: I'm Zap-dos and tolerant. Get it?
  11. Huh, this seems rather cool to see how all of this has changed over time. It great to see such potential rising up over these years.
  12. Oh I see, I really want to take part of this whole thing of yours, as I like a unique pokemon. That fusion of Rayquaza and Deoxys is really awesome.
  13. May I ask as to why your doing this? Also I find these Pokemon rather fascinating in a way.
  14. Would like to mention that the auction for that Shiny Kartana ends by tomorrow, so make bid's quick, till it ends. Happy bidding fellow players. 798 

    Auction ID: #0001469376 or just search me up @Unknown2222 on the game. 

  15. You know, finding these new Ultra Beast are just difficult for me at the moment, was wondering if anyone could help me out, by trading me a spare one. 803805806

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