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  1. So I was wondering if Pokemon Vortex could add the Lusamine fusion with Nihilego as a special battle or a battle on the side quest's. I want this to happen because it seems like something that could be cool to add as another battle, not to mention it will give others a bit more information on Nihilego and its connections with Lusamine.
  2. I was wondering, if Pokemon Vortex might have some new Pokemon to appear due to the new generation to come? And if so, when will it be the time for new Pokemon to appear and what other Pokemon are to be added in the up coming updates?
  3. Unknown2222

    Answered Need Help Finding an Xurkitree

    Well I must say how it is rather difficult to find an Xurkitree for the past few days, but I'm still determined to find it at any given point here. Was wondering if there are any tips to help me find Ultra Beast a lot more easier. Message me if there are any tips to help me out.