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  1. kinda suprised giratina isn't an option
  2. idk i wanna trade. open to trade anything. do hunts also.
  3. what do you want for that shiny zygarde? i can pay in poke dollars. or trade. might trade someone from my team.
  4. pretty much the title. lvl 100 guaranteed. prices vary. non normals cost an extra 10k. hunting is free but the pokemon price will vary. you can order more than one pokemon.
  5. you know what? im rich. froakie in EVERY form.
  6. i want every starter pokemon at lvl 100 EXCEPT FROAKIE
  7. i want non normal forms or form of these pokemon greninja or froakie or frogadeir i am trading these pokemon for them (shadow regigigas) (mega heracross) (shiny mega venasuar) (kyreum) (machamp) (rhyperoir) (serperior) (shadow pichu) (tornadus) main pokemon for it are listed now (shiny zygarde) (jar jar psyduck) (shadow charizard) (shiny mega pigeot)
  8. earlier today i had just logged back on as i had just met the terms for catching legendary Pokemon and wanted to catch one but before that i wanted to battle some i looked at my team and i had got hack! i had a level 100 greninja a level 100 reshiram a level 100 articuno level 100 metagross a level 100 diagla and a level 100 bisharp now i have a bell sprout a yanma a gible and a plusle all if which werent even lvl 10!!!! please help
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