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  1. Thank you for the cosmog! I have two, but would like to get another one!
  2. I have one cosmog. I would love to have another one. IGN: majo10695
  3. I also have a Golurk. If you still need one, search for me on pokemon vortex and send me a message! Glad to help, and would also love to have shinies added to my collection.
  4. IGN: majo10695 I want the money to participate in Pokebay auctions. I'm adicted to those.
  5. Thanks for the Cosmog!! I'd like to win another one if I can (: I have the one I won and my IGN is majo10695
  6. I pee in the shower. Sorry not sorry. Majo10695
  7. majo10695. I have no cosmog right now. Hoping to win this giveaway!
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