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  1. Happy anniversary my dude! I look forward to enjoying this game with you some more. I must say don't stop and continue the grind.
  2. I didn't want to make a new topic so I'm just going to post this here. I also had the same encounter last week when I was going against a training account. I tested it out twice just to prove that it is indeed a bug and now I have 2 losses. I was only using one tab tho and maybe the forums on another but anyways I believe if I remember correctly while I was in battle I had 2 or 3 pokemons still alive and I used my last pokemon since it's the strongest one of all in my team to finish the battle and then this happened:
  3. XcriptXource

    Necrozma Nexus


    How exciting, I can't wait. Woot-woot!
  4. Train my Metallic Shaymin (Sky) to 1Mil exp. I will give you Tyrunt.
  5. Mewtwo (Ready) or Mewtwo (Predator) I also like the sound of Mewtwo (Armored) just to keep it simple.
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