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  1. Mewtwo (Armour) - For funsies let's use real english this time while naming the mewtwo Or Rename the old one to Mewtwo (Armor) (Lite™) 2. Ultra Mega Super Duper Mewtwo Z (New!) 3. MECHA MEWTWO 5. Mewtwo (Just Why) 11. Mewtwo (Àrmoire) 2. Mew(2):2Big2Bulky The current name is already cool enough. V2 sounds like a upgraded revision of the armor and the sprite shows that.
  2. Have there been any hints about these awesome fakemons being released recently? They are very cool and iconic. Don't remember if they were treated as legendary or like element type regulars. Also is my level 5 foongus now a godly priceless heirloom?
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