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  1. cant anyone solve this problem
  2. i seem to cant accept clan requests when i click accept it just says loading i have waited for 5 mins and no response and by the way my clan has no reached its member limit plz solve this problem
  3. exp training shop closed but will be back soon
  4. eles queriam dizer que você precisava comprá-lo na loja de puxões para evoluir rhydon. e um protetor custa 5000 dólares de puxão
  5. i have mettalic reshiram and regigas wats ur offer
  6. 1)late 2)meh i like both 3)Alola btw thanx for the giveaway
  7. lets chat in the personal messenger
  8. dude i dont have discord account
  9. Yea i am back with exciting news the rules are changed and i can train upto 1M exp no fixed price we can discuss it privately it may take 3-7 days 1 order at a time the person who wants his poke to be trained should trade it and when i reach the the exp and then u should bid on ma pokeball then i trade ur poke and its finished thats all folks pls reply if u want ur poke to be trained oh and btw ma ign is late
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