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  1. late

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

  2. late

    General No more boring training :p

    listen to some music u love get urself a self motivation like "u can do it" and if ya get bored just do something else for 15mins like chat,check auctions and buncha other stuff then try the training again Hope this helped
  3. late

    Uniques Looking for Pikachu cosplay forms

    never mind i already sold it to somebody
  4. late

    Events looking for pikachu cosplay forms

    hey u said 500k first so the prise stays 500k if u dont want it then i will sell it to others
  5. late

    Uniques Looking for Pikachu cosplay forms

    dude i have pikachu libre 1 not for trade only for sale whats ur offer
  6. late

    Events looking for pikachu cosplay forms

    yep its sold k i put it in auction
  7. late

    Events looking for pikachu cosplay forms

    how much are u willing to give
  8. late

    Events looking for pikachu cosplay forms

    i have 2 libres not trading need money
  9. late

    Experience exp training

    the exp training shop is closed due to urgent things but dont worry be back in 2-3weeks oh and eurstin pls trade ur budew it may take 1-4 days k? further news will be updated in the new forums i will create
  10. late

    Experience exp training

    wait got a customer i will tell u when u have ta trade
  11. late

    Experience exp training

    did it man
  12. late

    Experience exp training

    welcome to my training forum so i am willing to train any pokemon upto 300,000 exp the prises are given below oh and also there is 50% discount for 1 week so if i train 300,000 exp u will have ta give 150k if ya want 150,000exp then 75k i am pretty sure u get the idea of the rest of the prises and if ya have doubt pm me ign late oh and 1 more thing first of all u have ta give the money first cuz i dont know how to use imgur and stuff and i dont like ta get cheated oh and if i cheat you go and complain in the forums (which will never happen) second of all trade third of all give me time about 1-3 days and voila u get ur trained poke hope this business makes me rich LOL also no haggling tis is a fixed prise
  13. late

    Genesect Genesis v1


    maybe no one wants it now when i bidded before no one allows me to get it but now i got 2 burn disk for 50k maybe because no one wants it now LOL
  14. late

    Genesect Genesis v1


    I agree but if ya want genesect blaze try doing training accounts and sell things then buy a genesect blaze from auctions instead of buying burn drives i know how u feel cause everytime I bid on it some rich guy snipes it so when i bidded on a genesect blaze nobody bidded try doing that method