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  1. Well, i nearly done 1k battles and still nothing. I tried clan battles, gyms, computer controlled players, even training accounts to grind but here i am with 0 plates. And i battled with a guy who has 4 forms of arceus(fighting); shiny mystic shadow and normal. So i think there is a weird odd for players idk, there are already bunch of arceus(fighting) and some players own like 4 at the same time while others don't have one. Edit: After sending this, i tried to battle with players on maps. 3 or 4 battles and i got fist plate. I'm not sure it's a coincidence or not but give it a try
  2. edenshade

    Answered Event ticket

    okay it seems i learned it now i guess thank you kind people
  3. edenshade

    Answered Event ticket

    So hello everyone. Since a new event is started i need to learn some details, i havent been here for a long time. So, i have to battle to get fist plates, but how do i know if i get it or not? Are gym battles count or it has to be clan battles/vs. player battles?
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    Answered Claiming pokemons

    thank you so much for help man!
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    Answered Claiming pokemons

    I occasionally saw some people are claiming level 100 pokemons(like vivillon(pokeball). I have no idea how can one do this so can you guys enlighten me?