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  1. Kurtz

    Answered Loss of connection every night?

    It happens every time at 7:15 GMT so that seems to be it. Thanks.
  2. Every night at around 11pm PDT I lose connection to the game (cloudflare issue). What is going on? It is not my internet as everything else I run works fine.
  3. Do events like the current triple UB spawn rate event end on 23:59:59 BST or the local time of the account?
  4. Kurtz

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for shadow arceus electric promo codes. Have metallic and mystic arceus electric promo codes.
  5. I encountered a level 78 Necrozma on map 24. However, when I clicked Battle I got a screen saying I have captured an Yveltal. There was no battle or throwing pokeballs, the game just gave me the successful capture screen. Any idea what happened here?