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  1. What if there was an 'insta-buy' option, wherein the auctioneer could choose to allow the item to be bought immediately for a set value in addition to standard bidding. This would remove the waiting requirements for the item in some circumstances.
  2. I personally think this is a great idea Even though i dont give pokemon for training
  3. What do u want for the Zamazenta? ign - Natseb dont ask for shiny necro or something ridiculous pls :D
  4. oh lol.. but like i said, just pointing it out
  5. Just wanted to point out that 100k is not high exp, high exp is atleast 1mil.. Even my dark skwovet has 100k exp lmao
  6. Offered, sry was a bit busy
  7. U have no Pokemon up lol
  8. Metallic Kartana for the Togeween
  9. Sry...I wanted it for exp and not the Pokemon itself
  10. Metallic Kartana for the Deoxys (Defence)
  11. What is ur training rates? what do u want for 8.5 exp? and how fast r u? Ign Natseb
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